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otya window system

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Description This is a window system for SmileBASIC. "--RUN" is a program loader, run this file.
  1. Stacking window manager
  2. Multitasking
  3. A hierarchical file system
Instructions A function key 1(FILES) toggles key input. "LR" button is disabled while key input is enabled. L,BBUTTON: left click R,ABUTTON: right click TOUCH, STICK : mouse program list
  1. Text editor(TXTED)
  2. Filer(OTYFIL)
  3. Program editor(PRGED)
  4. Music player(MPLAY)
  5. Document editor(OTYDOC)
  6. Run(RUN)
  8. Paint(PAINT)
  9. Eyes(EYES)
  10. Minesweeper(OTYMINE)
  11. Clipboard viewer(CLPBRD)
  12. Benchmark(OTWBENCH)
  13. About(ABOUT)
  14. Window viewer(WINLIST)
  1. Terminal(OTWTERM)
  2. Shell(SH)
  3. cd(shell command)
  4. echo
  5. ls
  6. cat
  7. ptree
  8. find
  9. ps
  10. diff
  11. freemem
  12. mkdir
  13. mount
  14. rm
  15. ren
  16. act
  17. ofsgc
  18. loadmod
  19. lsmod
  20. symlink
Notes OTYAX API document : https://otya128.github.io/OTYAX5/ Japanese, English (by ateesdalejr and PatheticFish) OTW API document : http://otya128.github.io/OTYAX5/jp/OTW/API(Japanese) EXAMPLE VAR OTWEXAMPLECTL 'init COMMON DEF I_OTWEXAMPLE IF!CHKCALL("IsWinRunning")||!IsWinRunning()THEN PrintConsoleln "window system is required." ExitProcess 1 RETURN ENDIF 'WND:window handle 'E:error (0: success) VAR WND,E IF!OTWEXAMPLECTL THEN 'OTWEXAMPLECTL is uninitialized ' control name control handle ExtendControl "OTWEXAPMLE",GetWindowControl() OUT OTWEXAMPLECTL,E IF E THEN E=DeleteControl(OTWEXAMPLECTL) ExitProcess 1 RETURN ENDIF ENDIF NewTopLevelWindow OTWEXAMPLECTL,"OTWEXAMPLE",128,64 OUT WND,E IF E THEN E=DeleteWindow(WND) ExitProcess 1 RETURN ENDIF SetProcessVar WND END 'loop COMMON DEF L_OTWEXAMPLE 'process window events IF UpdateWindow(GetProcessVar())THEN ExitProcess 0 RETURN ENDIF END
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39 Comment(s) ninjagnu ninjagnu I'm so happy they decided to include the de-facto X11 tech demo "eyes". :P spaceturtles spaceturtles Video Games I like to play video games! Hobbies Avatar Block I didn't change my avatar for 30 days. Website Intermediate Programmer I can make programs, but I still have trouble here and there. Programming Strength The "file system" bit is pretty cool. The cursor speed could use a little work and translation could smooth things out a bit, not very important. MZ952 MZ952 Intermediate Programmer I can make programs, but I still have trouble here and there. Programming Strength Drawing I like to draw! Hobbies Reading I like to read books! Hobbies hole-ee-crap 1 2