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i always welcome hugs. always and FREE money of course too If you need programming help i would be glad to help you, I'm on chat a ton so you can go there or if im not there pm me, i check a lot so expect a nice quick answer (unless im gone on vaction or something idk, but even then ill reply fast). But I'll warn you, im obviously not the best coder so if your question is really complex or something i might not be able to help, either way ill try my best, i can help with most sprite or bg things and more stuff even too, so yeah if you need help dont shy away, just ask.


Particles/rain/cloud effects demo

A small engine for generating effects such as Rain, particles and clouds

Bigger maps on SBMAP

A helpful modded SBMAP to make larger maps


A fun little OSP I made

Celestrium 0.93

A game that got 3rd place in the winter 2017 contest and is still being developed.

Mansion Mystery

2ND place winner of the 2017 Halloween contest

AfterWar Development test version.

A game currently being created by ProKuku

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