Miiverse will be closing on November 8th, 2017

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There's a petition going around https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-save-miiverse
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I don't think games can detect the home button being pressed, at least not directly.
There's probably some kind of handler function that gets called like:
void toHome() {
  //do cleanup code here to pause the game.
void fromHome() {
  //gets called when returning from home screen.
ugh... compatibility mode messes up my post.

I was told they explicitly mentioned that they do not plan on patching out the Miiverse icon. So I can reasonably believe that if they're too lazy to spend five minutes making a patch that hides a button, they won't make a patch that provides a screenshot feature for 3DS.
Oh... That's going to look super ugly. All the more reason for me to get homebrew.

Sorry for being late lol Maybe i a future patch can replace the Miiverse icon with a camera icon that takes screenshots, and a little sub-menu can display 3 options. (Top screen, bottom screen, and both screens)


Yeah... I think most of dev time is going to the Switch now. Just can't believe they didn't make it Switch-compatible.

I checked Nintendo’s website, and it said it will stay, but when you start it an error will pop up

I checked Nintendo’s website, and it said it will stay, but when you start it an error will pop up
That seems kind of lazy to be honest. My DS isn't connected to the internet right now. I wonder what will happen if I try to launch it tomorrow...

Miiverse ends at 10PM PST / 1AM EST. Please move quickly! EDIT: he ded I'm using this post to express the importance of backing up our data from Miiverse as well as providing some public backups. https://miiverse.nintendo.net/settings/download_request Everyone go to this page and hit that button while you still can. Text mirror for posterity: https://paste.ee/p/1dVPB I don't know how much good info is contained in these dumps and how useful they are, but everyone should try to get one for backups and memories. Mirror of End of Miiverse Service Announcement (EN/ES/FR): https://paste.ee/p/BCREc All Miiverse images ever linked in SBS chat (zip, ~45MB) http://oboy.smilebasicsource.com:49000/snail_/scrap/miiverse/chat_images.zip

*botw blood moon music right before it happens**zelda saying'the end of miiverse happens once again. please have a horrible life without it* lelz

Statement from SmileBoom regarding Miiverse: To the users of SmileBASIC This is Kobayashi from SmileBoom Company. I would like to say thank you to the users of SmileBASIC before Miiverse closes. This programing language, SmileBASIC, on Nintendo 3DS is very hard to get used to for beginners, but thanks to the advance users who gave them appropriate advise and great follow-ups; we could see new programmers create wonderful things. Unfortunately, Miiverse will be closed, but you can still purchase SmileBASIC and we are happy to help you if you have some problems. Please visit our official website or click the following URL below to contact us by using the inquiry form. Also, if you have problems or questions, you can put a hashtag, #SmileBASIC, on your tweets; we’ll search and try to answer them regularly. I’m grateful to Miiverse which gave us a fantastic place to meet with many programming-lovers of all generations. We’ll continue to discuss other methods of how we could exchange information. We’re looking forward to see interesting programs made by SmileBASIC. Thank you. Takaki Kobayashi President & CEO https://smileboom.com/en/contact/

See you space social network...

RIP. Interested to see what SmileBoom plans to do, though. site needs a miiverse special theme

In addition to the content snail_ was able to salvage, I have approximately 159 (of some 1800) full sets of miiverse posts that were linked in chat and all the images on them, in JSON format and with full replies intact. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish the script sooner to preserve more.

It was discontinued one minute early I have image proof Not fair

I found something like miiverse https://closed.pizza/

Could there be something like Sudomemo for Miiverse? The Miiverse "app" is just a reskinned web browser with some bookmarks at the bottom. If we redirected all Miiverse requests to another server, it could probably maybe sorta work. Then we could maybe have screenshots back! Of course, the devs would have to figure out either A: how to get the current screenshot or B: get the offline posts' screenshots.

i just want to cry like Gohan did in GT when piccolo died

I'm interested to see if anyone will create with a third party solution a-la Wiimmfi. It looks like Miiverse clones are already popping out of the woodwork, but which one will be the first to become integrated with the consoles?

It seems like the one GameLover mentioned might. It has more features then some others I've seen but it's not always active.