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I don't recall if I mentioned it, but I had my 3DS stolen on New Years 2018. That's why I'm not active here anymore. On the plus side, I'm trying to learn C++ on my own right now. I lurk on this website way too much. I have ideas, but lack time management. RIP all my projects. BomberLink, I promise I'll finish you in 20XX. Pssst I have a secret to tell you since you've stopped by. After I finish BomberLink, I think I'll make a PTC precompiler & emulator next. I want to contribute everything I know to this community the best I can.


Slots (OSP Contest)

It's the classic game of slots!


Website lurker was actually working on a game this whole time (v0.4)

SmileBASIC font

A custom made font based on the SmileBASIC title screen made by a semi-competent sprite artist

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