Miiverse will be closing on November 8th, 2017

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My Miiverse data came in the digital mail yesterday. Check your inboxes! EDIT: the links expire 12/31, move fast.

Oooh, found out a neat trick!
  • Right click a screenshot
  • Copy its url, take out only the file name, (no path, no file extension)
  • Go to archive.org, select the Wayback Machine bar
  • Type "miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/", and paste the file name.
If it works and it was archived at the right time, you should get your post with replies! Protip: for things with spoilers, right click the spoiler, go to "inspect element," in the sidebar, uncheck "display: none !important;" and the post should show up!

What about posts with a lot of replies?

What about posts with a lot of replies?
Can I have a sample link to a post with the "show more replies" button? It may not have been archived...

What about posts with a lot of replies?
If they were archived I think you'll find them there too but it might lag depending on comment amount.

Somebody made a really good site for browsing the Miiverse archives!
i used it to find the key for alpha OS X! i'm gonna comment it on the keys from outside the website right now

I always remembered going to the home menu, pressing Y, up or down on the d-pad, and expecting it to take a screenshot IN THE GAME. I don't know how I haven't learned by now. But in all honesty it would be a LOT more useful if nintendo made an update which would make it take a screenshot IN the game, instead of the home menu.
yeah I always thought that would be better.

Nintendo have left the logo as it is on 3ds/2ds systems.

Nintendo have left the logo as it is on 3ds/2ds systems.
Yeah, not that surprising. It’s probably going to stay like that forever.

Is there any chance someone will make some custom servers or smth (similar to wiimmfi) to revive the games that needed miiverse as a level sharing service, e.g. Mario & Donkey kong Tipping stars? I actually really like the game and the thing that you could make your own levels and share them made it even better