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Celestrium 0.93

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Description Introducing Celestrium. This game is all about adventure and fun but in its current versions it is not at Version 1.0 yet meaning many things have not been Added yet. Sorry to the many of you who have been waiting on this, I do not want to make excuses but I still need to say that my life has been very busy lately with tons of school and a lots of work to do, as normal: I am not giving up. in fact work has been done on this, just at a very slow rate. You may have noticed warriors name on here and that is because he is indeed helping though currently working on something else. UPDATE 0.93 IS RELEASED!! Its the nearest thing you will get to Terraria in SmileBasic (but is not to be confused as a Terraria clone!, the engine is very nice and holds worlds 1000x1000 in size but can at the largest be 2000x2000 so i may extend it a bit depending, or add a feature allowing you to choose a larger world in the future. while there been debate i want to firmly state THIS IS NOT A CLONE OF TERRARIA. If you look around sbs you will find no game like terraria in any way other then Petitworld, this is of my own making ONLY, aside from help i get from others (such as random guy and Nathaniel) the whole game is made by me. now to the good stuff. for anyone wondering, the terrain generation is not near done but i got the grass/forest biome working very nicely. Currently it has, 4 biomes, forest, snow, sand and jungle. while they (excluding forest) are not done and pretty much empty in the future i will add all the stuff i can think of, just is hard to add things sometimes the forest biome has *Randomly generated trees *Random grass and flower stuff on the ground *Smooth terrain And more before anyone blabs about copyright for the sprites, every one it has was made solely by me (and the wood by random guy) with no looking or trying to copy terraria sprites, so as i said on chat "grass is grass" there is no copying a 8x8 grass tile unless you really try idk if anyone reads this but yes i know the map and inventory buttons do nothing because they are not added but will be soon Instructions Move using circle pad or Dpad. To place blocks press on the touch screen and tap R to place but it is EXTREMELY UNFINISHED and not intended for mining use as of yet so please dont complain about it as it is being removed and made better anyways. To mine you can press in the direction you want to go and hold x but this is soon to be changed To save world press L. To move item in inventory drag them or push a then move with circle pad or dpad To generate the world Do the stuff your told to do Notes


Slow but steady work o.o Update 0.94: Progress 9% complete. Current thing being worked on: Fixing code/bugs and adding crafting/more stuff Upcoming tasks:Add the first crafting menu, Finish new worlds stuff. Warrior has joined DEV as a coder *yay* :) may dev go well and a bit faster maybe idk, but good. Update 0.93 Game (all) updates, Progress:100% complete. Finished:Worlds now take half the space they used to, crashing thing fixed, added new world things, better generation slightly, new sprites, inventory system and item variables+moving items, touch compatibility, deleting items, dynamic graphical animations for moving things, much more improved title screen still in the process of being made with moving, settings, credits, world loading, multiple worlds, multiple characters (still being made), easter eggs, title logos and much more..
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