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I'm going to post site updates here. If something goes wrong in one of the updates, it'll help us resolve the issue. If you happen to look at this thread and see any issues with one of the new features, you can report it here: http://smilebasicsource.com/forum?ftid=1

Site update 10/18/15: -Updated style for program listing -Added ability to delete own posts -Added admin post edit and deletion -Repeated edits are collapsed in the history if consecutive -Added archive view to show deleted posts/threads (admins only) -Added page load time to footer Note: if new features like "delete" aren't working for you, you may need to clear your cache. On Chrome and Firefox, this ctrl-f5.

Site update 10/19/15: -Updated styling for forum categories -Updated styling for forum threads -Small change to program listing Further update: -Updated styling for userhome and public user pages -Added an editable "about" section for each user -Slight update to overall website styling -Threads can be deleted by admins now -Current bans show up on user pages

Site update 10/20/15: -Quote button no longer shows up when not logged in -Delete button works on Firefox (and others) now -User pages show contributed programs and resources -A new "code" bbcode for displaying SmileBASIC formatted code -h1 through h3 header bbcodes for Resources should now work -Forum list spacing update (particularly Firefox) -Fixed edit post cancel bug (post area would become unstyled) -Increased textbox size for posting on forums -Decreased history load time -Various other small visual errors.
Example [code] section.
 Code sections are monospace and SmileBASIC font

Nice touch with the [code ] font. You went the extra mile there.

Site update 10/21/15: -Resources are fixed (mostly)

Site update 10/22/15: You will need to clear cache to enable commenting -Fixed image upload bug with blank extensions (hopefully) -Fixed overflowing descriptions on program list -Fixed oversized forum titles going crazy on category list -Added commenting for pages (only 1 level of replies; just like Wikia) -Fixed uneven forum spacing (I think) -Fixed overflowing header titles on small pages. -Fixed some internal bugs nobody came across. -Made chat tab save across loads. Now when you load the chat, you'll be on the same tab your were on last time you quit (if you're using the same device)

Site update 10/23/15: -Added sorting to the program and resource search page (no styling yet though) -Added popularity heuristic (will probably be tweaked as the program landscape evolves) -Default sort changed to popularity Edit: -Changed voting system to a simple +/- instead of a 0-10 scale --All old votes changed to 0 or 1 depending on vote value. -Added voting to resources All of these new features are basically unstyled; I'll make them look decent as soon as possible.

Site update 10/24/15: -Updated history styling -Updated "about" page styling -Fixed page rating meter issues on Internet Explorer (a little bit, anyway) Update 2: -Updated search a little bit -Updated "about" page a bit Update 3: -Completely revamped search internals: search should be MUCH better (and maybe faster) now. If you have problems with search or it's just not giving you what you think you should be getting, tell me what you searched and what you expected to see and I can figure something out. It's a bunch of weighted variables that finally add up to a "search score", and all those weights can be changed if necessary. --Searching now uses a fuzzy match algorithm to find best fit words --Searching uses keywords on programs and resources to get better results --Searching uses page author to get better results --Searching takes into account match position, exact matching, and % matching to get better results (but does it?) -Fixed error page formatting -changed width of searchbar to match screen -fixed searchbar icon bugs on older browsers -search results will toggle when you click away from the searchbar -finally made categories on pages link to the category -fixed banned users not getting an error message on comment submit (it just ran forever)

Last update for a while! If there's a feature you absolutely need, suggest it in the Site Discussion forums. Site update 10/25/15: -Fixed userhome bugs -Fixed page spacing bugs -Added ability to remove program from the public listing. You should do this if the public key is no longer available. Just click the button on your page, and everything will be taken care of. Your page will NOT be deleted, it will simply be removed from the Programs page and the key will be cleared. If you decide to bring it back, just add a new key to the page.

Uh yeah the designer is on a spiritual journey right now so not much will happen in that regard either.

We absolutely need a like button to smash at those special hours

Everything seem good so far. Though will there be a main home area similar to the 1 that was on PTC Wiki? Other than that it seems all pretty cool and well done so thumbs up! ~SleepyHellow

A home area? Like that page with all that useless information we had? Lol our current homepage might have stuff like highlighted programs, announcements, etc. History for now is all that'll be there, though

Site update 10/26/15: This is just an "oh crap I forgot" update. Someone asked for the forum lists to have a background, but I never did it. Oops! -Forum category and forum thread lists now have a background -Added the "special" area in your userhome for special settings. There's one setting there now... I wonder what it is? -Changed the "popularity" algorithm a bit OK, this time for real (probably) there won't be updates for a while.

You will almost certainly have to clear cache to use the chat Site update 10/28/15: -Updated chat backend to use less memory -Updated websocket implementation to use the HTTP port (80). You should no longer have firewall issues (if you were having any at all) -Updated webserver to do some fancy proxy stuff. If you have issues on any area of the website, please let me know

Site update 11/5/15: -Standardized page lists across all pages -Marked the current page in the pagelist so you know what page you're on -MAYBE fixed a scrolling issue on the home page with safari -Made forum quotes go where your cursor is (reload without cache) -Fixed new thread form formatting -Made top nav work a bit better with old 3DS and devices that don't support calc OR -webkit-calc -Fixed forum images stretching when they shouldn't

Site update 11/6/15: -Fixed (maybe) the user area glitch where it would darken the screen but not show anything -Made the forums work a little better on the 3DS -For really old or very bad browsers (like on the original 3DS), a notification is given explaining that the website is in read-only mode and that you can't log in. This is because the browser doesn't support our background loading, and I don't have time to reinvent the wheel for old browsers. -There were other things but I forgot.

Site update 11/7/15: -Fixed popularity algorithm (it was broken for pages without votes)

Site update 11/9/15: -Added error code pages for 404, 403 server errors -Added inline code BBCode, which is (hopefully not confusingly) [icode]