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The 3D shooting game by Bugtaro has been completed! Polygonal, vertical shmup for SmileBASIC! https://twitter.com/Bug_taro/status/682762780202500097 Author: Bugtaro Public Key: 735YW3L4

Holy Shrimp! This looks awesome!

It's amazing how the creator of the engine managed to make it look like some great 3D models! SO COOL

It kind of looks like star fox

My word, the P3D engine is so fast! Even on O3DS... I've never seen ANYTHING like this. We gotta figure out how it works.

Let's get the ol' analysis machine up and running.

Is anyone else impressed by how good they are at taking pictures of their 3DS?


WTF... Is this real life?

I think some of the sprites are "pre rendered" (like the rock pillars in stage 2). They look too perfect.

I love this game someone had real talent and a lot of time. one step closer to 3d games :)

Probably the best part is the engine is a library file. (and it credits itself whenever it's used, so once we figure out the engine we'll have the startup of games filled with logos just like the big boys!)

No wonder this guy is great at programming. He's been doing so since the 80's and this is just a remake of one of his old games. Hence the original game's title: Givers.

How bout this? 5BE3N8AE

How bout this? 5BE3N8AE
Whats that?

How bout this? 5BE3N8AE
That 5BE3 key is just someone fixing his English grammar.

My new second favorite game for SB right behind Arcanum Stone.

Best graphics 2016

Bumping up this old thread, but congratulations to Bugtaro for getting hired at his favorite company: SmileBoom!