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Virtual Buffalo

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Description Virtual Buffalo may look like a pet simulator, but don't be fooled: This bovid is always seconds away from death, and needs all your concentration just to survive another day! Press buttons with matching colors to complete a slog of split-second minigames. But be warned, the controls keep changing the longer you play! Will you be able to remember which button is which when they're all grayed out and switching places with each other? Instructions Supports Circle Pad, D-Pad, ABXY, or Touch controls. Colorblind Accessible Mode: From the main menu, press Down while holding L and R. Pause: Tap the Timer circle. (Takes effect between minigames.) Music Note Button: Toggles all music Speaker Button: Toggles all sound Striped Button: Toggles scan line overlay Lightning Button: Toggles flashing light effects Hard, Medium, Easy, Medium, Hard, Medium, Easy, 8, 6, 4, 6, 8, 6, 4, 4, 8, Easy, 4, 8, Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard Notes Cool Features:
  1. Fully animated characters and objects
  2. Procedurally generated music (Medium/Hard difficulty only)
  3. Multiple variations on rules per minigame
  4. CRT-style scan lines
  5. Original NES Font
  6. Local leaderboards
  7. Asynchronous "lazy loading" system (No loading screens!)
  8. Progressive difficulty
  9. Ability to toggle individual minigames (Disable the ones you hate, or practice 1 on 1 until you've mastered them)
Credit for the "Lullabye" and "Easy Mode" melodies go to Plastiware and Marjask respectively.
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