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So I was looking at PTC, and saw this old game that I had made called "StockPro". I played it and you managed stocks and they went up and down and you could sell them and all that stuff. It was pretty fun, but also really bad. So I made a remake in SB with the same name. Well, that is, I am making a remake in SB. To the point, for stocks to exist, companies need to exist. So I thought "What would be cooler than having community members be companies?!" The only problem now is who would like to be included? If you would like to be a company in my game or would like to be strictly discluded (I already put some people in there), then please tell me. If no response is given, you'll likely not be in it. Before this, I put in Myself (Mariominer), Iaperson (probably spelled wrong), Shadow (both, since they work together), Calc84Maniac, SlackerSnail, SquareFingers, and our favorite SmileBoom. If you'd like to be excluded, this has high priority for these people. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please tell me so that I can respond.

I am totally fine with being included in the game. (But it will be a long time until I can try this once it gets released) Also, can you show a video of the PTC version? (doesn't mean that you have to) I might or might not wait patiently to be able to play this.

No, I don't think that I can. But I'll basically tell you about it: 1. There were no "events", like economic booms or recessions 2. EVERYTHING was ASCII. 3. There were no charts or even percent increases available. But it was still fun. Bad design, but fun. My 3DS isn't on wifi currently, but when I get back on wifi I'll post some screenshots. The new one is also really based off of it, so it's core features are basically the same, it just looks better. You're name will fit well into the stock names ;)

I'll like to be included

You can include me!


This such a great idea. I'd love to be included.

I almost feel honored that you considered me before even asking. But in order to trade, we need stock symbols! Mine could be SLK. It's a cool idea! glhf

Me five. Defaultio Inc. Yay.

SlackerSnail, the "Stock Symbols" in my game are 5 characters long, so you can have it longer. But it does work for 1-6 characters, so it could be SLK.

JLABL <--- me if you don't already have enough

Oh, I have lots. But how many companies are there again? More is always welcome ;) Plus I should have my system ready to have a lot. Also, directed towards everybody reading this, please do not be offended of how much I rate your original stock. I'm just giving a completely random estimate based on nothing. Some are 2 bucks, some are 20 (freaking SmileBoom). Actually it's mostly around 2-5 except for Calc84Maniac.

PGS for me please

DEFAC for me please.

May I suggest SQFIN.

You can put me in if you want, maybe NEAT or NEATN :)

Wow, I had no idea so many people would want to be in. Now I actually have to make a good system.

I think that PKDAK would work for me. (I have no idea where that DAK comes from)

GXS for me!

I guess enough people want 3 letter symbols. So far I have: MRMIN (Mariominer) IAPRS (IAmAPersson [still probably spelled wrong]) SHADO (Shadow ____) CA84M (Calc84Maniac) SLK (SlackerSnail) SQFIN (SquareFingers) SMILE (You already know who it is! BOOM) MYM12 (Mystman12) GXS (glennxserge) PGS (Pixelstudio) PKDAK (Perska) DEFAC (Defaultio) JLABL (joelable) NEATN (NeatNit) Any more? Anyone want me to change their symbol?