Need amiibo serial numbers please help

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So I'm planning to add amiibo functionality to my game. The only way this would work if you would type in your amiibo's โ€œamiibo codeโ€ ( this is the first 4 LETTERS of the serial number of a amiibo) But that's the problem I at least want it to work with 20(+ 5 custome) amiibo so if anyone has an amiibo then please 1: Take a picture of your amiibo. And write down your amiibo's amiibo code. I would appreciate it a lot if everyone helps.

Example: Photos: The bottom, the 245000AFAAS1 is the serial number AFAA is the first 4 letters of the serial number This (AFAA) is the amiibo's โ€œamiibo code โ€ That's wat I really need The amiibo itself.

First Google Search result for "amiibo serial number" Copy/paste of the relevant comment: amiibo Serial Number format - NNNNNNLLLLLN - N stands for Number, L stand for Letter Broken up into usable parts: NN-N-NNN-LLLL-LN The first two numbers represent the corresponding week of the year the amiibo was produced. 01 = 1st week of January. Many amiibo are made during a week of production so this is where the number could be the same. MOST amiibo HAVE MORE THEN ONE WEEK OF PRODUCTION so this is how they can be different. This is also a way you could determine an OOB reprint or NA vs EU vs JP version IF you knew the production weeks for each region. The 3rd Number represents the last digit of the year the amiibo was produced. 4 = 2014, 5 = 2015. Fun fact - any OOB wave 1 through 3 with a 3rd digit '5' is a reprint. The next 3 numbers as far as I know are always 000. I am not sure they have any significance at this time or if they ever will. They can be ignored for now. The First 4 letters represent the character - AAAA is Smash Mario, all smash Marios will be AAAA. The last letter and number corresponds to the factory/building number the amiibo was produced in. Most common ones are S1,S2,W1,W2. These last 2 can be ignored too.

Oh thanks Sam that will help implementing it by just typing in the first 4 letters lol welp this. Forum is now useless.

Here are my American amiibo that I have. First 4 letters. AAAE - Link (Super Smash Bros.) AABB - Dr. Mario (Super Smash Bros.) AACB - Mega Man (Super Smash Bros.) AKAG - Toon Link (The Legend of Zelda) AJAC - Mabel (Animal Crossing) AJAJ - Blathers ( Animal Crossing) AJAB - K.K. Slider (Animal Crossing) AJAG - Reese (Animal Crossing) AJAG - Cyrus (Animal Crossing) AJAK - Celeste (Animal Crossing) AKAA - Wolf Link (The Legend of Zelda) AKAQ - Daruk (The Legend of Zelda) Here are my sister's American amiibo: AJAF - Lottie (Animal Crossing) AJAR - Kappn' (Animal Crossing) AJAL - Resetti - (Animal Crossing) AJAD - Tom Nook (Animal Crossing) AJAQ - Timmy and Tommy (Animal Crossing) AEAA - Inkling Girl (Splatoon) AABW - Ness (Super Smash Bros.) AACF - Lucas (Super Smash Bros.) AABH - Palutena (Super Smash Bros.) AAAG - Samus (Super Smash Bros.) All those amiibo my sister and I had I mentioned in my post are all American amiibo (North America).

Can't you just find a list online somewhere?

Thanks Brave. Those will probably all be implemented

You're welcome ๐Ÿ˜Š

lol you should add all of the BOTW amiibos like Link archer Sadly, no cereal serial numbers :ฤ‹

lol you should add all of the BOTW amiibos like Link archer Sadly, no cereal serial numbers :ฤ‹
Thanks, but Daruk is the only BotW amiibo I have. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oups an error

And thรฉ european amiibo of my sister

I can send you NFC code too

Not really needed ( the NFC code )

I can send you NFC code too
Yo, Heredos, what you can bring is the first 4 letters of the amiibo. That'll work, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

It's the first 4 Letters in the serial number of the amiibo like: 245000AFAAS1 = serial number But AFAA is the amiibo code.

Hey, bad news, you'd need to change the Amiibo codes by region, but you can't change it by region as the region detection no longer works (due to Smilebasic changing their logo to be the same for some reason).

lol you should add all of the BOTW amiibos like Link archer Sadly, no cereal serial numbers :ฤ‹
Can you get me a picture of the bottom ? (if you own one that is)