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I, I am GamerCymreig. I speak English, Welsh & Japanese, and I do translations on Smilebasic games, I also make the occasional program too. I am working on translating Ruebled, Windows6Mix and Super Bomber Blast to Japanese. 私はGamerCymreigです。私は英語とウェルーズ語と日本語をはなせます。私はプチコン3のゲームを翻訳します。私は『ルブレッド』と『Windows 3DS』と『Super Bomber Blast』を翻訳します。 Bore da, GamerCymreig dw i. Dw i'n siarad Saesneg, Cymraeg a Siapaneg.


Japocalization: Translating your game to Japanese

Need help with translating your games to Japanese? This will help!

Total War for プチコン/Smilebasic

A Petit Port of Vincent Allain's Total War game!

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