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Very simple game (think Atari 2600 style) with simple graphics. Robots are on the loose and you must shut them down. Gameplay is simple too. No end to the game, just keep going and try to beat your high score. Each level, you must return the colored data cards to their corresponding computers. When you return the specified amount of cards, you have succeeded at shutting down the robots and move on to the next level. This is only the second game that I've ever made (The other was with game maker studio on the PC), so I am not the best at coding, and certainly not very good at optimizing code. But, you only learn by doing. So, it's a small game, but I hope you enjoy.


Just use the D-Pad or joystick to move around. No guns, no lasers (well, at least not for you), just run!

+1 for pun

+1 for existance

+1 for trying

You can't say "+1" without actually voting lol.


+1 for screenshots

+1 for no reason whatsoever

+1 for the reason that this +1 thing is old and boring now

+1 Because everyone else seems to be doing it...

-1 because I can.

+2 Because savage

+1 because 2018

+1 because it's a good simple game. (Yes I know the +1 thing is pretty old.) Ps. I even added the game to my JUPITER-OS program. Credit to Thundarr (you).

Thundarr is the Deacon Mobile. Just saw who made this. If you don't understand it, it's an inside joke; the creator might not get it and it may be just a coincidence.

If it's in the US, free speech laws :)

-1 for replying to a 4 year old comment

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