Five Nights at Freddy's SB Thread

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Hello everyone! This is the official Five Nights at Freddy's SB thread. I will be posting screenshots and development progress here. I am going to have a weekly update to FNaFSB, most of them are going to be small updates. These small updates will build up into something much larger. What I'm planning to add is normal FNaF, Animatronic Night, Multiplayer, all FNaF minigames, a special star system (like Halo's skulls system), audio player (with all of The Living Tombstone's FNaF songs), plushies, customizable settings, and more. FNaFSB is currently in alpha stage. If you have any questions, I will most likely answer them. Here's the page where you can find FNaFSB: https://www.smilebasicsource.com/page?pid=264 Here's the official Miiverse Discussion about FNaFSB: https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHkxx4sAHw CREDITS: HylianHoundoom: Director, Main Programmer, Graphics, Sound Petrifiedlasagna: Programmer, FNaF Minigames NOTICE: I have received a copyright infringement for Five Nights at Freddy's SB. Because of this, Five Nights at Freddy's SB is now cancelled and never to be worked on again. I am also quitting SmileBASIC because of this. Farewell. It has been a great 3 years with this community, but everything has to come to an end.

FNaF may be under SB's copyright laws. So hope it won't get removed. I hope it won't, thou, i'd like to see that :)

Actually, since it's a fan game it's legal because Scott Cawthon, the creator of FNaF, said that FNaF fan games are legal as long as they are free.

Unfortunately, I will not use the 3D funtion in FNaFSB.

I can't wait...

NOT use 3D...what would you use, GRPs?

Um. Yes. I'm using GRPs

Well, I guess I could use 3D due to the office being made out of Sprites.

FNaFSB progress is going great. So far I have most of the office done and I am now working on cameras. I'm trying to make this as authentic as possible so I will be having EVERYTHING that FNaF had and I'll also have extra eastereggs, stars, nights, and many other thing. I will release a tech demo of it whenever I finish the office and cameras and title screen.

ooh I would love to beta test this =]

After a long interview, I have decided to make Pixel Studio the only FNaFSB Beta tester. I will not be accepting any more Beta testers.

Darn it. Got here too late.

I'm not taking anymore Beta testers because FNaFPTC had 20+ Beta testers and it overwhelmed me. So, I'm just having one Beta tester this time around.

Actually, making FNaFSB is pretty easy; it's just time consuming. I should be able to work on other projects while making this. I'm also getting everything set up for Atomic Armageddon, my dev team is working hard at it.



I don't have an exact release for FNaFSB yet, but I do have a time frame of when it's gonna be released. FNaFSB will be released sometime this winter.

No need to rush mate

I'm not rushing, it's just that easy to make it. Especially since I've made most of it before on PTC.

I know you won't but and it does seem like an easy project