Five Nights at Freddy's SB Thread

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Oh no worries, I have a lot to do during the holidays anyway :)

Ok, I am able to share a screen shot of the alpha. Edit: for those who can't see the screenshot in this post, here is the link to it: http://imgur.com/RPpGZa7

the screenshot wont work because the link needs to be in a .png or whatever kind of format like example.com/helloworld.jpg

It looks just like normal FNAF

That's the point

I just got smile basic. what do you think would be the fastest way to learn how to make games like fnaf or any other game on it?

I'm guessing you saw my posts on miiverse. Anyways, you have to learn the language itself. I strongly recommend you look up tutorials. Also, after I release the game and finish all of the updates, I'm going to post the FNaF engine that I made. The engine will be easy to modify and well documented in the code so it is easier to read. If you want to make a FNaF like game then learn the language and wait for me to post the engine.



That's the point
I know i'm just making an observation. Sorry. :(

its gonna take me awhile to learn this :(

its gonna take me awhile to learn this :(
Not really, SmileBASIC is easy to learn. I have even made a tutorial on how to use the bottom screen easliy. You can also get help in the SmileBASIC Tab in the chat.

how far are you into the development of fnaf?

That picture is amazing. Do the doors move smoothly or 2-framed?

Well, this is truely amazing

The doors are 6 framed. I tried making them open and close as smoothly as possible without making lag.

how far into development do you think you are

how far into development do you think you are
I am in alpha stage.

I've never heard of this game (the original), but was curious about it since I saw some Japanese folks making their own version on Miiverse. Maybe I should look it up, or wait till Christmas for yours.
Um, I don't want to disappoint you but the beta is being released for the beta testers, it's not being released for the public yet.
Could I Stress test it?

Happy New Years everyone!!! To celebrate, I am going to accept more beta testers! This offer runs until January 7th 2016 or until there are 10 beta-testers! EDIT: I will also need your email.