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Faster ACLS

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In 3.3, ACLS accepts 3 arguments, which disable some things when not 0 ACLS skipGraphics, skipSpdef, skipFont skipGraphics will skip clearing the graphics pages and loading the default sprite/BG sheets (the slowest part). skipDef will skip resetting the sprite definitions (minimal speed impact). skipFont will skip loading the default font (minimal speed impact). If you are not using the default sprites/BG, you can do:
FOR I=0 TO 3
This is the same as normal ACLS, but doesn't load the default sprite/BG sheets. (Which is fine if you load your own right after or aren't using sprites/BG)

Oh. This I did not know.

What the heck This can't be true

Replying to:Simeon
What the heck This can't be true
It might even be faster to unroll that loop

Replying to:Simeon
What the heck This can't be true
a loop construct is negligible compared to a graphics page wipe, almost certainly. this is assuming that the SmileBASIC pre-compiler doesn't expand constant loops anyway.

Replying to:Simeon
What the heck This can't be true
It definitely doesn't; I remember when I used repeated commands instead of a FOR loop when decompressing audio data, and it was a little bit faster. But that was because it was already inside like 3 nested loops, where this only runs once so there probably won't be any noticeable change.

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