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YAME(Yet another map editor):

A map editor that write layers and metadata on a txt file. I'm trying to make a generic map editor for my projects but I think that this might be useful for other people. Any suggestion or feedback is welcome. Features: - Put a single tile or multiples at the same time (The selection screen is similar to the one in RPGMaker FES) - Fill portions of the map. - Copy map segment. - Define metadata for each tile.(Each one has a string associated with them) - Customize map properties (Number of layer used, size of the background, GRP and Tile size). TODO: - Improve interface. - Autotile (I still need to think the use case for this and data schema). - Improve _MAP integration - Add non lowerdash alternative. - Add a observer function to read the metadata while the map is loading. - Improve the documentation of the _MAP file.


Usage instructions(shortcuts) are on the top screen.

Integration with your project:

The map is loaded via the _MAP file. The requirements to run this file are: - Lowerdash - Function UTIL_malloc and UTIL_malloc2 (They are located on file __UTIL) Once you fullfil those requirements, you need to call MAP_LOAD [FILENAME without TXT: or .MAP ] to load the map on the current screen displayed.

Data schema

Each .map file contains the following format:
Tile Size, Number of layers, Width, Height
[Data Layer 0]
[Data Layer 3]
[Meta data]
@[Data Layer n] String: each char store the data of a tile.(Example: 'c' store grass tile with the default background). @[Meta data] A list of commands where each one contains the coordinate x,y and the metadata asociated. This list ends with the value -1,-1 Example:
1,1, Hello world
2,1, Foo,Bar

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