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Weird Limerick Generator

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A bizarre limerick generator! Results will often make no sense! But fun to see what it comes up with...


- Run LIMERICK - Press A when prompted That's it!


The program first assembles the limerick into one long string, using a couple escape characters I defined for newline and end. It reads data sets for each part of the limerick, first getting the total number of entries in each set and then choosing one at random. For the rhyming parts, it uses the same entry number in each section so that they match up. It also pushes syllable counts for every word into an array as it reads them from data, so that delays can be timed properly to match up with the song. Then it begins playback of the song, timing the printing of each word to match up with the beat (2 syllable words stay up for 2 beats etc.). An index is used as it reads through the limerick string, breaking out each word when it encounters a space, printing it, and generating some particles underneath it. The particle system is kind of shoddy and hard-coded to do specific things, it's mostly just thrown together to make it work for the purposes of this program.

Hehe, this is neat. +1

I wonder what happened to Sporky... He is inactive on Miiverse and on here... I love this program he made and his Super Mario Maker levels!

The was a rich slacker last june Who crushed his wife's house with a spoon While eating his feet He wrinkled concrete You won't see him anytime soon.

Looks very fun! I'll try it! EDIT: It makes me laugh at 1000000%, also, it's very dumb and stupid the songs that generate randomly, so thats the theme, stupid and very dumb limericks. Very fun! (Also, limerick illuminati confirmed)