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Versus Buffalo

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https://youtu.be/9lFVzOxyBkY Everyone with a pet wonders the same thing: "Am I better than everyone else at pet ownership?" Now you can finally find out with Versus Buffalo, the sequel to Virtual Buffalo. Now up to 4 players can compete to see who can keep their virtual pet alive the longest through an onslaught of lightning-fast minigames. Everything is controlled via matching colored buttons, but be careful... Your buttons will keep changing the longer you play! Will you be able to remember which button is which? Your pet is counting on you! Featuring:
  • New Characters, each with their own unique animations!
  • New Minigames!
  • New Graphics for all returning Minigames
  • New Options for customizing your game
  • New Secrets to be discovered...


Supports handheld mode, single Joy Con, and Pro Controller
    Navigate menus with the Analog Sticks or A/B/X/Y buttons
  • Press colored buttons to activate objects with matching colors
  • The Left Stick and Right Stick can also activate colored buttons
  • Press L+R or SL+SR to pause/resume/quit to menu


Cool Features:
    Brand new multiplayer engine!
  • A complete code rewrite from scratch!
  • New difficulty and accessibility settings
  • Fully animated characters and objects
  • Procedurally generated music, with brand new compositions
  • Multiple variations on rules per minigame
  • Togglable retro filters
  • Original NES Font
  • Asynchronous "lazy loading" system (No loading screens!)
  • Ability to toggle individual minigames (Disable the ones you hate, or practice 1 on 1 until you've mastered them)

This is amazing, now I want a switch!

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This is amazing, now I want a switch!
Haha many thanks!