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This is my first "program" it is still a work in progress I will be working on it for a while creating new battles and updates. Right now it's text based but eventually I will add sprites and a story line ,but for now this is just a test to see if you guys like it. Pls feel free to give me ideas and thoughts that can make my game better thanks hope you enjoy it :)


It's pretty much self explanatory for right now.


version 1,1 added stats and new enemies and leveling up :) Version 1.2 Added sprites a boss battle game over screen and bg tiles. Big thanks to victini who made the custom ninja and archer sprites thanks so much man you are AWESOME!

Neat! Just wondering if you chose to have it set where you have to select the special attack with x on purpose? If you want to just use the A button just change BUTTON() to BUTTON(2). That'll solve the problem with a button press being counted twice.

I tried that but for some reason it kept detecting that i pressed a before i pressed it that got so annoying that eventually i just changed it to the x button which worked pretty well so I decided to keep it that way. ps. thanks for checking it out i wil have a update soon have a great day :)

Hmmm, that sounds fishy and I'd recommend taking a closer look at your code, but if you really wanted to get around it, you could use BUTTON(3) which only reports input when the button is released. Not ideal, but it's a solution. If you show me your button code, I can help tease out the issue.

I think i'm just going to leave the way it is.right now i'm working on more important stuff like stats and more enemys but thanks for the offer.

Look forward to seeing how it turns out. Good luck!

Thanks! I have the stats working now(execept speed)and I fixed the button problem :) but now i have have another but I will fix it tomorrow. Have a great night talk to you guys tomorrow.

Update 1.2 is out tell me what you think.

You can use Miiverse to take screenshots. They look a lot nicer. Just a tip!

oh ok thanks. I will do that for my next game. This one i am done with.

how? it used to work but now i cant get the picture off of miiverse.

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how? it used to work but now i cant get the picture off of miiverse.
Go to Miiverse on your computer(or other device for that matter) and download the picture. Then you can upload it to this site.

i tried but it does not have that option anymore :(

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i tried but it does not have that option anymore :(
If it's some sort of weird desktop bug you can still grab them off mobile by holding down on the pic. If you can't get them just leave a link to a miiverse thread with the pics you want and I can throw them on imgur for you to grab.

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