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TAGeLorix Sounds

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This is my original collection of musical pieces. I used TAGeLorix Player Wide: https://smilebasicsource.com/page?pid=1551 According to the rules of SmileBASIC, you can use my musics in SmileBASIC free. However, I don't abandon the copyright. So, if you want to use it outside of SmileBASIC, Write the purpose of use in the comment. Depending on the purpose of use, I don't permission. Don't commercial using. Wiki Page: http://wiki.hosiken.jp/petc3gou/?Toukou%2FTAGeLorix%20Sounds


By setting the LANG variable at the beginning of the program to 1, it become English.
  • A: Play to music
  • B: Stop to Music
  • X: Exit player
  • Y: Copy MML
  • L+R: Jump BGM

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