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Sprint: The Game Library: The Prototype

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Sprint is a game library built in Lowerdash 0.6 with a component based architecture and an easy to use framework to give programmers a head-start on their games.

I've been rambling in chat about this forever, and I figured it was time for a public release.

This release is very much a prototype!

For now, this should serve more as a sample of what Lowerdash can do and as a preview for future, more useable feature-oriented releases. In this release:
  • Connect related managed components by an ID number
  • Basic game state machine
  • Entities can be synched to update with a state or the main game loop
  • Camera panning and follow
  • Bouncy ball physics as a component
  • Scrolling background
  • Specialized Entity for Sprites and their related Components
  • Grid-based physics component (stacks with free-floating physics for wall collisions)
  • More core Game abstractions for games that don't always update in a loop


The download comes with a sample/test setup.

There are 3 runnable PRGs:
  • -BUILD.PRG - Build a compiled game.
  • -MYGAME.PRG - Run a compiled game.
  • -TEST.PRG - Run the game without compiling
There are 2 files with custom modules for the sample:
  • .HAKASE - A basic entity class Hakase and two subclasses - player and zombie
  • .MYGAME - A set of game states including a title screen, debug menu using the UI package, and a "level"
In Progress: Sprint: The Game Library: The Reference


I would love hear you guys' feedback! This project covers a whole lot more than what my game uses. One of the things I struggle with is honing in on the use cases, and I hope to hear the ones you guys want focus on! The download comes with an updated Lowerdash 0.6 that will be released separately soon. (side-note, why I had the manual up for months: I haven't been able to work as much on SmileBasic in the last few weeks as I have previously due to some challenges at work.)

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