Smile3D Engine (3D Test)

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EDIT Because of this having it's roots in Petit Computer so much it's not optimized in any way for SmileBASIC by it's design, although it's still a neat little tech demo I recommend using Trinitro21's 3D engine if you want an easy way to put 3d graphics in your game. This is a rough and dirty port of a 3d engine I made with Trinitro21 back on Petit Computer DSi, utilizing none of the new SmileBASIC's features and not optimized at all. PTC DSi was far too weak to handle it at any playable framerate, however on the 3ds it maintains a very solid framerate. Version 0.1 -no saving -wireframe only -No looking up or down -missing multitudes of features that should be in a 3d engine -Featuring buttons I forgot how to use! Todo; -banana


Instructions included on bottom screen. Walk with Dpad L + Dpad/X/Y: Move cursor L + R + Dpad/X/Y: Move cursor fast L + A: Set point (create wireframe line) L + Y: Delete last point placed

i think its pretty cool!