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Gosh, what a mess everything has been. I know everything is a ghost town at this point, but I feel I still need to address what we're going to do. I'm sorry for anyone who got caught up in it all and potentially left behind before they were ready. 1. We tried to create a new website because this one was so hard to work on. It didn't actually work out as intended, and whether through that or natural causes, both websites are quite empty now. 2. The new SBS doesn't suit the SmileBASIC community's needs. And, the community that's there isn't doing anything with SmileBASIC. 3. I want to address the needs of SmileBASIC users, and particularly SBS users, if there are still any 4. All the historical data for SmileBASIC and SBS is here, in the "old" website SO, as such, we're basically giving up on the new SBS, turning it into something else not SmileBASIC related, and THIS website will once again be the "main" SmileBASIC website. Even if nobody is here to use it anymore, I want to at least preserve all that we've done in a way that IS maintainable should people start getting interested in a community website again. What does this entail? We are (in roughly this order):
  • Decommissioning "new" smilebasicsource.com, it will go on as something else not related to SmileBASIC
  • Keeping this old.smilebasicsource.com website for now
  • Restoring the original smilebasicsource.com links. Visiting https://smilebasicsource.com will once again take you to THIS website.
  • Rewriting the core of this website while maintaining the data
  • Updating this website as soon as we have a minimum viable product, and then working from there as need dictates
So, there are two ways I see this going. Either nobody comes to SmileBASIC Source anymore, regardless of putting everything back, and we stop at the "minimum viable product". We will thus have a usable place for browsing and talking about SmileBASIC again, but with nobody here, it's basically just a historical archive. OR, after the rewrite, interest in a SmileBASIC community website outside of Twitter/Discord/etc. picks up again and we keep adding to the minimum viable product to make it good for people's current needs. That's that. Be prepared in the coming days or weeks (if anybody is still here) for https://smilebasicsource.com to once again point here, and that current website to move somewhere else and have the SmileBASIC focus removed. PS: I am so, so sorry for everything. I'm very much hoping that this is the "last" big shift of everything. We're going back to the way things were originally, and I don't expect that to change anything, but at least it will be maintainable should something amazing happen.

Thank you for all that you do! This community is awesome and I hope what’s left of it doesn’t die out.

Thank you for the information. Yes, it has become very quiet here. I myself was not logged in for a long time - in real life there were more important things to do. The demand on my programs is also quite high before I publish them - so even simple programs remain unpublished, because I know about bugs, but could not fix them yet. Besides, I should translate everything into English, which I have done now with "DeepL". Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Well, thanks a lot! I've got my first 3ds (actually an o2ds but I mean, first system running 3ds soft/firmware) early 2021, and discovered smilebasic around that time. I had a lot of trouble finding documentation, but was able to approximately understand how it worked and language/system-specific things thanks to SBS, and for that, I can tell you that, at least for now, yes, somebody's still here! :D SBS has been really helpful to me this year, and I hope that, even though it's kinda unlikely, more people will, like me, get into that cool community.

Well, it'll be interesting to return to this site once again! It's been a weird path to get to this point, but hopefully it will all work out. Especially with the soon-to-be unobtainable SmileBASIC 3, it would be cool to see this site host more SB4 programs while still keeping the older SB3 ones around. Good luck with the site! We're here to help, even if that's just sticking around and making things occasionally.

This website is going to become the real SmileBASIC Source again tomorrow, April 2nd. You will not have to do anything. The "old" links will be redirected (I hope) to the "regular" links, so for the people still here, it should be seamless. The big stuff comes later, when I rewrite this place. We will lose some functionality for a bit, but if the need is there, I will continue working on that rewrite until this place is just as good as it is now, just in a language I can actually maintain

We are beginning the transition. SBS may be down for a while during that time. I don't know if anybody checks frequently enough to see this, but figured I'd mention it anyway so the start time is preserved.

There is a slight problem with the full conversion of old sbs back to the original URL. This unfortunately isn't remedied very easily. As such, we're going to be stuck with a simple redirect rather than a seamless "smilebasicsource.com" url. I will work to fix this as soon as I can, but it might take a while. It has to do with the placement of servers and reverse proxying, and I don't know if I want to expose as much as I'd need to over the internet to make this work properly...

Decommissioning "new" smilebasicsource.com, it will go on as something else not related to SmileBASIC
I’m kind of curious about this part. I wonder what the new website will become after this.

It's becoming a sort of niche website for content not related to SmileBASIC. You may have received an email about it if you ever posted on the new website.

That’s cool, although I did not get the email

It's becoming a sort of niche website for content not related to SmileBASIC. You may have received an email about it if you ever posted on the new website.
I will note that said email got sent to my spam for whatever reason, so if you did post on old site check your spam folder

Yeah it seems several people got it in their spam. It's probably because I sent it to many people at once. Email is a broken system

Huh. I can't wait for the things I said years ago to bite me in the a- Also, will it be possible for me to bring over the Tiny Huge World S page from the formally-new SmileBASIC Source?

Bring over as in, with all the comments and votes and whatever else is there? No, but you should be able to copy the page source and put it in here, but you should wait until I have things all set up. There's no SmileBASIC for Switch labels here yet, and I may have to make some kind of 12y to bbcode converter (or add 12y as an option here, which I don't really want to do)

Man, I miss SB, I hope that the community members have not lost all will to use SB.

Is there a way to access the new site currently?

Is there a way to access the new site currently?
Are you talking about the new website that was decommissioned? If so, do you need to get something off of it, or are you wondering about something else? If you have content on the new website, you should've gotten an email with instructions about what's going on and what to do. It might've gone in your spam folder, you can't send emails these days without it being flagged as spam... sorry Edit: I keep directing people to the email because I want to make it clear that the website that was decommissioned is not about SmileBASIC anymore. I'm going to work on this website so that it is maintainable just in case the SmileBASIC community wants to continue. I'm sorry for the confusion and for all the back and forth

Yes, the website that was decommissioned. I don't need to get anything off it, I was just wondering. I was going to make a thread about a topic tangentially related to SmileBASIC, and I feel the new website is more conducive to off-topic conversation that doesn't disrupt discussion about SmileBASIC (especially now that it's not about SmileBASIC at all). TL; DR didn't want to be disruptive on the site that's about SmileBASIC. Apologies.

Aw no need to apologize! Hm ummm so the thing about the new website is that it's still essentially "under construction", because the decommissioning also coincided with a big rewrite of that framework (for many reasons, one of which might be to serve as a library to start remaking THIS website). Because of this, it is EXTREMELY difficult to use, and I do mean that... it's like super raw and even I don't like using it. I'm sorry, we're just not ready over there yet, it's like a big construction zone.