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Project Amoeba_build1

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*Amature coding* What happens when your an Amoeba in a dieing world filled with a deadly virus? Play as an Amoeba where you have to confront the virus and each time it comes back stronger... Arm yourself with two abilities. Project Amoeba was a project that I started asap when I got SmileBASIC. I stopped production manly to learn more commands and I came back to it last week to add a few new features in it. Code is messy but I'm rebuilding it.Everything is expected to drastically change in Alpha Build 2 except the story, which I'll go more in dept.


Dpad to navigate through the menus. There's an option but only to change your color and enemies color. In the gameplay(there's only the battle gameplay added) press X after a certain amount of pops (150)to transform into a deadly mutant amoeba(deal more damage to your opponent). When Mega Heal reaches 0 press A to greatly increase your health by a ton. 30 levels to just mess around with and one boss battle which isnt much lol. Things to do Rebuild code- right now its eck but the alpha .5 as of now is playable . Rebuild Battle system for great experience (messing with trig for great AI) Story mode- find out the origins of the VIRUS add microscopic fantasy worlds Game will be an RPG/RTS Add more personal and less presets- sprites and my own mml on the next big build. Of course More of more of everything for a complete game feel

Honestly, nun much in this build. And yes don't tell me again, codes mess AF Xp

If you find a bug please inform me

Oh no not more debt!

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Oh no not more debt!