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A game that you paint. text that is bolded is only avaible in the new version Trailer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzMKzNelbQ8ILVVqUjFaSFZtTlU/view?usp=sharing Update! Fixed a bug 3D construct now available! You can now save! Put TEXT into your art!(choose color,x and y and z, and choose size) Sizes can now be(not new): 1 (Default) 2 (You can choose this by pressing "R") 3 (You can choose this by pressing "R")


Up/down or x/y or b/a changes color. Touch: Where ever you just touched, you paint! R to go into options. L to go back out. L and A to put text into it


More versions Will be as fast as possible. Previous version: YKS3EX3X,Y3K8EJD6 Note: If the download key doesn't work Replace "V" With "U"

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