Nintendo shutting down 3DS + Wii U online services, see our post

Nintendo shutting down 3DS servers

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Official Post: https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/63227/~/announcement-of-discontinuation-of-online-services-for-nintendo-3ds-and-wii-u Smileboom response: https://twitter.com/notohoho/status/1709487778168463388 Apparently it will indeed disable the ability to download SB3 programs on the 3DS and the Wii U, but SB4 (on Switch) will remain functional and you can download old SB3 programs on SB4 using the same keys (though some changes will be required to make it run)

Someone linked me this, so I guess yes, SB3 won't be able to download keys starting early next year: https://twitter.com/notohoho/status/1709487778168463388

which means smilebasicsource will be useless or could there be another way to download codes.

Well... most of our codes are indeed SB3, but this doesn't impact SB4 (on switch) and apparently SB3 games can sort-of be downloaded on SB4 (with modifications). We do have a selection of SB4 titles: https://smilebasicsource.com/search?subtype=program&system=switch And we still support Petit Computer (which will always work) if anyone wants to mess around with that: https://smilebasicsource.com/search?subtype=program&system=ptc

I guess the time has come to download everything…

Well, this is just awful, especially that it actually shuts down earlier than I thought. I've already considered changing my distribution so I prioritize ZIP downloads (i.e. for use with SBFM/FBI or, even my own SB3 modpack, CYX) However, I hope we can work on some circumvention or something else to allow a custom server without NNID auth to run, or we just switch to the ZIP concept, albeit that might end up being very clunky

I'm not going to promise anything yet, but setting up our own host server is not the "hard" part (though it's the part that costs money.) We (as in people in the community) already know how to write a server and very basic patches have been made to the ROM to make that work. The part we don't know exactly how to solve yet is the NNID login part. Associating slots with another account system, whether we set up a system thru SBS, use Pretendo, or something else entirely. Again I'm not speaking in any authoritative context or like there's a concrete plan but we have about six months I think?

It looks like now I have to archive games from my 2ds and onto a usb via SBFM. And also, has the archive got updated from archive.org? Since it's last updated from June 2023, I have no choice but to start an archive effort to save almost all of the smilebasic games ever made before Nintendo shuts down their free online service. Only problem that is school and a lack of spare free time I have. So I hope anyone can help me archive some new games uploaded as of right now.

I thought we had SBServer? Can't that just be used? Also unfortunately, SBAPI is dead, right? So with that being dead, I feel it'll be pretty hard to do a large dump of all the programs we have store in SBSource.

SBServer is a working replacement server; however, no one has yet made a public server (probably because of lack of isolation for the accounts; it would get messy really fast); so SBServer is moreso usable as a private clone. It would require someone else to skim through SmileBoom servers to archive projects, much like SBAPI did.

I remember finding this Website shortly after I bought SmileBASIC two years ago, but this is what prompted me to make an account. Before I found this topic, I contacted SmileBOOM using their Website's Contact form asking if the online services would still be usable, and their response was:
Thank you for using SmileBASIC. SmileBASIC for 3DS is authenticated by Nintendo's server, so if Nintendo's server stops, unfortunately, the authentication will not work and you will not be able to connect to our server either. SmileBASIC4 is available for Nintendo Swtich and can also load the public key of SmileBASIC3. It will not work as is due to some differences in screen and instruction specifications, but we already have over 2000 user-created works available, so please consider installing it. Thank you for your continued support.

I wonder how far we can get with masking programs that can convert SB3 to SB4. I know some exist, but I’m not sure how capable they are. That might be something fun to play with though

I've been hoping to experiment with commenting which lines are SB3-only and adding SB4-only lines in comments. Seems to be simple enough for text-only programs, although SB4 having untyped variables does mean some programs might need additional foolproofing added. I really need to get a keyboard for my Switch.