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.Launcher is an app that merge together all the files with certain extension and locate the program on a slot(By default, read files with suffix .b and put the program on Slot 1) .Launcher could be used as a launcher too. Just set _showop to FALSE to launch your game without questions.


Copy .launcher in your active project and execute. The follwing options will be displayed before the merge: 0: Merge with helpful comments for debugging(Add file_name and line number before every line). 1: Merge without debugging comments(This will keep the comentaries that are inside the merged files) 2: Merge and erase comments on files(This will create a program without comentaries) If you open .launcher on edit mode, you could change the following values: _SHOWOP Boolean: Enable/Disable merge question. If disable, the selected option will always be 2. _SLOT INT: define the SLOT where the output will be stored. _EXT STRING: define the suffix(Extension) of the files that will be read. _DEFAULT_OP INT: Define the default operation in case that _SHOWOP is false.


TODO: -Store values inside the code (_SHOWOP,_SLOT,_EXT,_DEFAULT_OP) inside a Dat file. Implement a way to change those values on the program. Changelog: 1.0.1 -Increased the max files counter to 1000. -Reduced spacing between debugging comments. -Added var _DEFAULT_OP to define the default option when _SHOWOP is false. 1.0 Release

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