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Halo 3DS

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as a major fan of Halo, I have decided to make a crappy version of the first game with cheap graphics. Uses the P3D engine by Bugtaro. trust me this is from the 'game' and rendered at 200 FPS!

Cool never played halo

I don’t think it’s public yet

a long time from now: I don't even have even one map to play on, or collision, or AI for grunts. It will probably take a few months... I'm actually thinking about making it a multiplayer game first because it would actually be easier.

I'm planning on starting it today and finishing by July of 2020( I'm serious)

I'm planning on starting it today and finishing by July of 2020( I'm serious)
Would you be porting it over to SB4 sometime after it releases? If not, you’re at risk of SmileBoom closing down their servers for SB3 in favor of SB4.

I don't have a switch and don't plan on getting one

I don't have a switch and don't plan on getting one
Ok, but just be aware that if you’re planning to work on your game for that long, changes can happen to SB3 once SB4 releases.

No offense, but I agree this will be a waste of time. You have no idea how complicated it is to make a 3D game, especially in SmileBASIC, and SB is not nearly fast enough to run a game like Halo. The first Halo was created by Bungie, an experienced game studio with at least 15 employees. They were presumably using professional tools designed specifically for creating 3D models and games, and still took several years to develop the game (even with the support of Microsoft). It is naive to think that you as a single individual, using homemade tools and coding in a non-object oriented interpreter language designed for 2D graphics, could replicate what took a team of professionals several years to build. Even if you did manage to make a Halo clone in SB (which is impossible), it'd just get shut down for copyright infringement. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but trying to help you save your time, which could be much better spent on other projects.

It doesn't really have anything to do with SB not being object-oriented.
A non-object-oriented language like SB is much more difficult to work with for complex applications like a fully 3D first-person shooter, which can significantly increase dev time required. That's on top of how much slower it is to type on the touchscreen.

then again this was in 2001

well you can use GCLIP to get eh... 400 tris at 60FPS(filling the whole screen)

then again this was in 2001
That doesn't change the fact that
  • SmileBASIC is not fast enough
  • SmileBASIC does not have the necessary tools for building such a complex 3D game
  • One person coding on a 3DS can never hope to outpace 15+ professionals coding on desktop computers with keyboards
Maybe you're thinking of making something much simpler, but if it's that much simpler, why call it Halo? If SB was suitable for complex first-person shooters, don't you think someone would have at least ported Doom by now?

Doom would actually be simpler than Halo, much simpler.
Yes, that was the point.

then again this was in 2001
Did you know original BASIC is WAY older? Also, did you know SB is just a slightly improved version of BASIC?

P3D uses sprites instead of GTRI, which is faster and allows texturing. The environment will compose of 450 sprites

I just thought of something...(here comes in some geekiness!) Halo CE was released a few months after 9/11. Also, the Covenant(the bad guys) are in war with humans because of the Covenant's religion, the "Great Journey". They basically were going to fire the halos and commit suicide, thinking they would go to heaven. Doesn't this sound like bungie was (maybe) symbolizing islamic extremists as the Covenant? Obviously, this game series has a lot to do with religion, it's called 'Halo' after all. It's the Covenant(something with Christianity, I'm an atheist) or am I *ramblin on*

You couldn't possibly build an entire scene with 450 sprites. And again, this is far too much work for a single person.
Doesn't this sound like bungie was (maybe) symbolizing islamic extremists as the Covenant?
No, you don't make major plot alterations 2 months before release date on a game of Halo's scale.

OK just got an Idea. I'm going to have Forge mode as the first release. I will use it to build maps for the campaign mode. To do: make models(ex: trees) create 300 100 model arrays add a HUD Should take me a month...(will not have collision more than likely)

I have ran into a lot of speed issues but I have prevailed and the FPS has changed from 90 to 200 using 5 different culling methods: Face culling(came with the engine) Decreasing poly count in models rendering on - screen objects only. Screen culling Distance Culling I have stress - tested this and it NEVER goes below 40 FPS(for 16 objects) on N3DS!(without VSYNC) I am thinking of having high resolution models for close - up but low resolution for far away objects. I am nearly finished with the first game mode, Forge but I need to add more objects so it's not so boring. I also need to make a menu and a HUD Expect it to be done by January 1st!