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This is a compiled list of programs and games which have been found in various places. These programs don't have a proper page on this website because the authors haven't posted them here yet. If any codes don't work or you have more program suggestions, please leave a comment. If you are the creator of one of these programs and you don't want the program listed here, please leave a comment and we can remove it as soon as possible. Conversely, if you want to create a page for one of these programs, do so and let us know in a comment. Items on the list may be out of date


4K2KNDZS - Arcanum Stone (ver 102) - Hirai Yukio 4R8E54ND - ASTEROID Hakase ZD3X3W3V - Blade Force JEN3ENAE - Blade Mission - PetitPetit CAVNQ3AJ - C3 - Mikerangelo Y33NEEJ6 - Can You Draw PKMN? (EN) - OC: かんぱち a.k.a. G0MASABA / Trans: LohadL NACVW3CJ - Candy Maze - SakuraCrowd 5VXN8AE - CELESTE - ported from PICO-8 by OBONO V37VF3CJ - Chaser - ベルック W2E433R4 - Chess - Yoshiaki EK7EX3KJ - CONSOLKUN - Penco (penkogoma) RRWECV3V - Cyburst - T-T.nokastan5 4D2X3KQV - Dead Heat Racing - PetitPetit 43ANQJAX - Deep Scan - neko800 B3E4324E - F-Neko - Rei (れい) 8K5QK3DJ - Fish 73C4H39J - FM2K - Yunomi 735YW3L4 - GIVERS-P3D - Bugtaro D34NYPDF - JintRich - Hirai Yukio (1.02 PATCH FILE: 227YK34J) LACYV3JJ - Lawnmower - kuni P2W4EK3V - Lunar Saviors - Rwiiug (Japanese language version) 4DEDXXZ3 - Maidfly - Kiyo NRE52EBD - MAZER - co.a, ported by GoldNoway E3AN3XZF - Minesweeper - Yoshiaki Y33NQ54S - Nightmare in the Maze - hanzo VKAKV3ZP - Rally 500 - hanzo VKANNP4X - Shuriken Runner JD2EE2QV - Solid Gunner - SmileBoom RXX2EP3 - Solid Gunner - Revised - SmileBoom 2XVV233J - Solid Soldier - Puwatto D3W35K4E - Solitaire (Klondike) - tikt 7ANYN3H4 - Splash Shooting - PetitPetit EB2XEEKV - Strawberry Storm Striker - Yunomi Z3D43EAV - Super Byoon - Neko800 TKCY83K4 - Swing-By - neko800 24CVA3L4 - Terminal Hacking Game - Neko800 R33V8KV - The Drive - PetitPetit QK483EJF - VOLLEYBALL!! - Motch-Maru YKAKXX3Y - Yuki no Reindeer - SUU NK4PX4AD - ZEROTANK - Takuya Matsubara

Libraries and Tools

EK3E9F - Alpha OS X 538EN8NE - CP/M Emulator and C Compiler - hogehogepiyopiyo Y3ENXJ4F - Debugger - actorbug 433JPXB3 - diff - actorbug 74N3F3D4 - File Packer+Compression (ファイルをまとめて圧縮) - actorbug 4BCX3EHV - GMAGE - MAGE_LOVEMARINE AD435D - Kanji font library - Hosiken E3V4V8QV - KANTAN! EZ SPSET & SPANIM (EN) - OC: Mage / Trans: LohadL 2E3E43GJ - LEX - actorbug 8A3VS3AJ - NCF-MUSEQ - Nakanoshima Candy Fragment EKE3YXCX - ONTUKU: Let's Make Music! (0.61) - natukin1978 BBW3E88V - P3D Modeler - Bugtaro ZDVXVENV - Petit Font Editor V1.30 - Hosiken (language switch on line 9) C33KEP3F - Pics Limited (R3.2/EN) - yosuitaro (1DVENVAE - R3.1 JP) Q3A5K3A3 - QR Generator (プログラムをQRコードに変換) - actorbug DE3J4R3 - Red Glasses - genmaicha.yunomi 2E3E43GJ - Regular Expression Library (正規表現ライブラリ) - actorbug WAVYS3K4 - SEARCHER (EN) - OC: ざえ a.k.a. ZAE / Trans: LohadL 4K45X3R3 - Source Code Checker (ソースコードチェッカー) - actorbug LK7YF394 - Voxel Editor


CK38EJKY, 1K237KNV - 151 Free Music Pack (original: R343EVD) - Rwiiug BK7NV3AJ - Accelball J3SNQDRY - Free Sound Effects Pack - Rwiiug 238E33HV - NyanCat - ChangeV BK24VN3V - Taller de Jarritos (Bottle Workshop) - alonso
unavailableAny keys in this section are only provided for archival and informational purposes. They do not work. Computer LEVELEDIT Chocolate Pusher (Cookie Clicker) - The Puppet Petitcom Box Super Petit Brawl 3D Rubik's Cube - Nathaniel 3D Platformer - Nathaniel Double Rocket - Nathaniel Tilt Table - Nathaniel Petit Computer Program Library (lots of games) - Kouyama 83DX4384 - Regular Expression Library - actorbug V3NEW3A4 - アルパカ [Alpaca] - スー YK33V3R1 - Magic Story (EN) - OC: るかか a.k.a. RUKAKA / Trans: LohadL 1EKEDV3E - ゆうしゃの冒険EDIT+ / Hero Adventure EDIT+ - MGウッディー DK28Q3DP - Mahjong - Neko800

Replying to:the_squat1115
Pls put my game in there!!! Name: Simple Shooting Tech-Demo Key:C3ENQD8F
this page is for programs that are not on sbs.

Oh. Sorry for that, thanks, Yttria! (I didn't read it)

Would anyone mind if they make a P3D tutorial? I can't quite get my head around it, and I can't find a tutorial for it on this site. Does anyone understand it enough to make a tutorial? If so, I would apreciate it if you did.

Here are a few keys that I found! Name:Super Mario overworld medley Key:AR7ENNAE By:LqvelyBirb Name:Before Frontier *(I think) Key:B57EVWKV By:? For:Puchikon No. 3 for BIG *(SB wiiU) *question: Will it work on 3ds to ? Name:Redbox Key:K38V4QP By:? For: SmileBasic BIG *(Wii U) Name:SA KA NA Key:8K5QK3DJ By:Puchikon 3rd *(I think) Name:Run away! 1 2 Key:S5REENKE By:Toukou *(I think) There are probably more at: http://wiki.hosiken.jp/petc3gou/?Toukou

Alpha OS 4.0, the predecessor to Alpha OS X if I'm correct. Key (Still works): 43SXXEJ3

Wait... Cyburst is on the 3DS? How did I not know this?