Fractal Canvas

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A new approach to art.


Version 2.4

  • Added 3x more presets. Over 1000 presets, which are loaded into a separate file!
  • Game has been completely translated to Japanese.
  • Added real and complex points to the Burning Ship fractal.
  • This exact same program in 3D Parkour, named PARKOURSKY. It runs completely different when 3D Parkour is detected in Program Slot 0.
  • Title looks better.
  • Performance and stability improvements.

Version 2.3

  • Designs that are saved are also saved with directions on how to get back to that design. Loading a design from the gallery will load it back into the program as a regular design!
  • Performance improvements by modifying how the graphics render.
  • Added the ability to delete saved canvas'.
  • Added a new menu to allow changing the point on the real/complex plane which the mandelbrot or julia set will be generated from.
  • Gallery images are now loaded properly, and don't glitch after opening the gallery twice.
  • Other various improvements.

Version 2.2

  • Added title screen text.
  • Added a gallery to save designs to file.
  • Added the julia set, and burning ship fractal.
  • Greatly improved performance.
  • Moved and resized the buttons to enhance usability.
  • Many bug fixes.
  • Other minor tweaks.

Version 2.1

  • Added 390+ color schemes.
  • Added perlin noise and a hyperbola design as an alternative way to view gradients.
  • Added background music.
  • Many bug fixes.

Version 2.0

  • Fractal Explorer has been completely redesigned and named Fractal Canvas.
  • Added GUI to offer many more options.
  • Added a gradient creating tool which can be applied to the fractal.

Version 1.0

  • Fractal Explorer released.

Pretty cool!

Nice, I've been wondering how you made this.

Awesome work!

This is cool. And freaky.

beautiful, just beautiful.

Woah, fractals. :P

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Woah, fractals. :P
>reading history >"Woah, fascists." >eh...?

Such a beautiful program.

I'll go check it out. :)

This looks amazing!

Very nice.


This seems fascinating... I love it.

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This seems fascinating... I love it.
Thank you so much

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This seems fascinating... I love it.
You're welcomeee

This is fun to play with

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This seems fascinating... I love it.
I'm sorry for asking this here, but your profile picture, who is that? It reminds me of Yuno Gasai from The Future Diary....

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This seems fascinating... I love it.
Dear goodness... Someone else thought it was that, I think. Could you tell me some information about that? I'd love to know. Anyway, it's Anna Nishikinomiya from Shimoneta. If you look up pictures of this character, I think you may encounter NSFW content, also.

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This seems fascinating... I love it.
You should just look up Yuno and I also recommend the series. It's not too long.

This would be really good for backgrounds...For RPGs like earthbound and stuff.