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Brizobst's PTC MML Collection

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Description If you were a Petit Computer user, you probably remembered Brizobst's MML. You probably even used it your own games. But then SmileBASIC came along, and all of the MML was left behind. Luckily, I have a solution. The Brizobst PTC MML Collection! It features a player (based off of RWIIUG0129's player for his MML) for the MML, along with seperate files which I directly ported (the reason I left these was because I had to mash all the MML data up to work in the player thanks to duplicate track definitions, and the individual files have the MML stored in a neater fashion, which is good for editing the MML). Now you can use their MML in your own programs (if you're not editing the MML, then you should take the MML directly from the player, because if you have other MML tracks, you might encounter duplicate track definitions like I did)! Instructions To play the MML, you can either load the player (recommended), or play one of the individual programs, each containing one track of Brizobst's MML. Notes In the latest update, all GCLS code was changed to use the BACKCOLOR command, meaning that now the entire screen is filled with a color when choosing a MML track! It’s just a minor change, but it still improves the code. All of the MML tracks in this project are Brizobst's, so all credit goes to them. I just made the player and ported the MML.
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