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Description Alpha is an open-source terminal for SmileBASIC. It allows you to enter commands and perform functions within the program. It currently doesn't have that many commands, but it still has useful ones. Instructions To run Alpha, open the Alpha project after downloading it via the key and run the ALPHA program. Notes Changelog:
  1. v1
    1. Initial Release
FAQ: Q: Why didn't you put this under the "Mock OS" genre? A: I don't really see this as trying to be a mockup of an OS for SmileBASIC (though I did base Alpha around MS-DOS). It's meant to be a terminal for performing functions by entering commands. Q: Why did you create this? A: I first thought of Alpha when thinking about the upcoming Pasocom Mini. Since it's based on a classic computer, I thought of it having a classic terminal as well. And then I decided to make that a reality by attempting to create a terminal with the ability to perform functions easily using SmileBASIC. Soon after, I heard about Alpha OS X (made by SilverBlue on Miiverse), which was a GUI for SmileBASIC. I really liked it, and I even helped translate it. I asked if I could collaborate with SilverBlue in making Alpha OS X, but he said that the process would be too difficult, especially for making a SmileBASIC program. I at least wanted to help with something, however, and then I found the perfect idea. Since the terminal was kind of hard to use considering that not much focus was put into it (the focus was more to the GUI and the rest of Alpha OS X), I wanted to help by creating a new, easier to use terminal. I then named my terminal Alpha, and adapted it so it would be easier to put into other programs. It isn't in Alpha OS X at the moment, but I'm currently trying to convert it! Q: Can't I just use the GUI/enter a SmileBASIC command to do what Alpha can do? A: Alpha doesn't just replicate commands or functions of SmileBASIC. It has other commands that perfom multiple functions. Alpha even has a speed test command! Just enter "speedtest" in Alpha. Q: Will there more commands/updates coming up? A: Of course! My main focus is Alpha currently, so you can expect to get multiple updates coming up soon! Q: What do you hope for Alpha in the future? A: I hope Alpha becomes a fill-in terminal similar to MS-DOS and other terminals, not just a command input. Hopefully that will be the case one day!
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2 Comment(s) NateDogg1232 NateDogg1232 Night Person I like the quiet night and sleep late. Express Yourself Avatar Taboo I didn't change my avatar for 180 days Website Intermediate Programmer I can make programs, but I still have trouble here and there. Programming Strength Suggestion, making an TOUPPERCASE$ function is not that hard, this may help with your whole "commands must be lowercase" issue. Lowerdash library has such a function that may be worth looking at. HTV04 HTV04 Intermediate Programmer I can make programs, but I still have trouble here and there. Programming Strength April Fool's 2017 Contest Participant I participated in the SmileBASIC Source April Fool's 2017 Contest! Programming Contest Forum Contributor Hidden Achievements I'll look into it!