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SYSBEEP is a system variable used to control the playback of system sound effects. If SYSBEEP is nonzero (or true), system sound effects—the LOAD dialog sounds, sounds played by DIALOG, the error beep, and the keyboard sounds—will be played. If it is zero (or false) the sounds will not be played. Despite it always set to on by default when the system starts, some users think of SYSBEEP as a user preference. As such, it should always be restored to its previous value when programmed and it should only be changed where and when it it necessary.

Useful Notes

  1. Unlike Petit Computer, you do not need to disable SYSBEEP to disable the LOAD sound. As long as the LOAD dialog is disabled, the sound will not play.
  2. No matter what nonzero value SYSBEEP is set to, it will always return 1 when read.
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