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SmileBASIC Shortcuts 3

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Description Key also includes V360 Grab Bag. A shortcut program! There are no easter eggs in this program. That would be crazy. Hah... Warning! Save files have changed! They won't work with 3.3+! Features:
  1. A customizable shortcut (with support for projects in 2.0+)
  2. ACTUALLY won't destroy any resources (sprite sheets you are working on are safe)
  3. Shortcuts to the default SBSMILE and EX8TECHDEMO
  4. DAT file viewer and editor that supports number bases!
  5. RGB color viewer! Yeah...
  6. New function KEYs for quicker testing
  7. Aesthetically pleasing background
  8. No easter eggs anywhere Oh, fine...Hold L+R+A at start screen
3.5 (final version)
  1. Replace calculator with GRP viewer
Report any bugs you find! Thanks!
Instructions Assign this program to the SMILE button to use properly. To use quicklaunch, hold down L or R and then press the SMILE button. Controls for that, as well as the shortcut wizard, are in the settings menu, which also contains some help dialogs. Otherwise, just use the touch screen. WARNING ABOUT DAT VIEWER Do not load arrays with more than one dimension (GRPs, for example), or the program will crash. It is impossible to check the dimensions of DAT files.
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2 Comment(s) kldck_hul kldck_hul First Month Joined in the very first month of SmileBASIC Source Website Scholar Received for knowing a great deal about programming topics Achievements Zelda Is Awesome! I love The Legend Of Zelda! Express Yourself I had to set my shortcut a couple times before it took, but this pretty great. It launches the shortcut in elevated mode. Which might be desired. LPM works great! TheV360 TheV360 Third Year My account is over 3 years old Website First Day Joined on the very first day of SmileBASIC Source Website Night Person I like the quiet night and sleep late. Express Yourself I might change how the wizard works in the next update so you don't have to memorize the shortcut path. Thanks for trying it, though!