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Objective SB

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9340 bytes
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Description This project is full of everything you need to manipulate and create objects.for an object with a length of 1000 it takes <700 microseconds to get any element from any index and parse it(in the case that I tested it, it was random). so what this does to achieve this speed is literally sort the object, and use binary search. I still need to develop this further before I release. (tested on N3DS) The good thing about this is worst case is log(length) and best case the same. The higher the length, the more effective it is. If you multiply the length by ten, the amount of iterations goes up by one Instructions it's a library. Execute EXAMPLE and look at the code. I have documented on almost every line. also, update OUT!

Things in NEW update

  1. Speed Optimizations, nearly instant at 0 - 1 ms to find an element, thanks to 12Me21 for binary search because I am a moron that can't make a good algorithm. Still can be optimized by removing unnecessary lines. 16200 calls/sec on N3DS and on a 1000 element list
  2. new command ADD adds to the object. Automatically sorts array for convenience and speed later on. This is the slowest because of the sort.
  3. added functionality to objects.✓
  4. added references to variables✓
  5. added object literal function✓
  6. added array literal function(string & number arrays)✓

things to add:

  1. more speed optimizations
  2. command named "_" so you can do this: ?_("this.x") 'instead of this: ?field(this,"x")
When you create functions for objects, they are named the class. The command FUNC is used for executing/creating these.
Notes a very fast object library with object literal and array literal functions. It's hilarious the new 1.2 version is SO SMALL but 16x faster lol 1.1 was 17257 bytes, but 1.2 is only 9340 bytes and has more features.
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