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R-OS, One of the most advanced OSes in SmileBasic

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1.1 (OS build 1016)
I dont know
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Description Hello! I have created a New OS! R-OS. Version History: 1.0 (OS Build 1000) 1.1 (OS Build 1016), Fixed Setup not working. (X3AKV58X) 2.0 (OS Build 1057), Overhauled Setup and the Startup screen. (KRCX83K4) 2.2 (OS Build 1094), Bug fixes! Added Shortcut (Alpha) 3.0 (OS Build 1108), Major update!!! Instructions R-OS is a distro of 3DS OS Home, Plz dont sue me! If you used 3DS OS Home, You've used R-OS 1.1 Version (s) that are now unavailable: RGOS (Pre R-OS, Not based on 3DS OS) (BZCXV3KJ and Y3XKN3LX) 1.0 (OS build 1000) If you would like to use a lost update, Let me know and I will post the Public Key of that version.
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7 Comment(s) Killias12 Killias12 Beginner Programmer I'm just starting out! I'm still trying to grasp the basics. Programming Strength Pokemon Is Awesome! I love Pokemon! Express Yourself Video Games I like to play video games! Hobbies I would like to try 1.0 and pre R-OS if you don't mind RGamesOffical RGamesOffical R-OS 1.1 is just 1.0 but with a fixed setup Shelly Shelly What features does it have that makes it better than the others? You not answering is showing that it doesn't have anything more to offer. RGamesOffical RGamesOffical RGOS V3 is now uploaded for those who are wondering what RGames OSes were before R-OS CyberYoshi64 CyberYoshi64 Avatar Block I didn't change my avatar for 30 days. Website Intermediate Programmer I can make programs, but I still have trouble here and there. Programming Strength Night Person I like the quiet night and sleep late. Express Yourself No ban for so many spoilers.What a nice recreation using andritolion's and my assets. I wonder what RGOS looked like... RGamesOffical RGamesOffical A Product key will be provided for RGOS v3... soon. RGamesOffical RGamesOffical R-OS Now live!