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I am not inactive (despite whatever may be next to my name). I check back commonly, however I never intend to insert myself into conversations unnecessarily. Usually this can mean I don't post for a long time. In terms of coding; I've recently stopped. While I do mess around commonly, it never turns into a full on project. I at one point in time was doing a large project by myself when I was new, based on Plants vs. Zombies. If you couldn't tell by that alone, it was immature, and didn't last. I did do a bit of sprite work, as well, for 'the_squat1115' or 'squat' on the new site, but that also stopped, especially after he became inactive and I lost motivation, along with school work piling up. That is all you need to know about me, at best.


Plants vs Zombies 2 sprites.

It's sprites of Plants Vs Zombies 2. Enjoy them while they are here.

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