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Hello, I'm Emily! I'm a polyglot programmer who doesn't do a lot of programming these days. I'm a philosophy student at The University of Alabama in Huntsville who is studying and specializing in philosophical logic and set theory. My life goal is to become a researcher and professor of philosophical logic at a university. My hobby (and secondary bachelor's) is computer science, though. My biggest interest is in theoretical computer science, though I don't mind writing a few lines of code. My big projects for SmileBasic in the past have been Minecraft DS (for Petit Computer) and the N# transpiler (for SmileBasic for 3DS). I also find myself drawn to computer hardware. CPU microarchitecture has been a big interest of mine over the past few years, and one of my future projects is to actually implement a full CPU on an FPGA! That's for the future, though. For now, I'm getting excited about the SmileBasic 4 release!


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