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SmileBASIC Source Weekly Program Showcase #1

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Hello, and welcome to the first weekly program showcase! Here, I will, well, showcase the programs released every week! (I'm sorry if the reviews are too short.) Polygon! By: Minxrod, Public Key: Y3A8VJDP This is Polygon!. It is somewhat a tech demo(?). What does it do? It... It... It shows you a polygon! The reason this was created? I, well, I have no idea. However it is not a bad program. Shoeglue By: Perska, Public Key: KAN4H3G4 In Shoeglue, you have a small area, where you can move your legs to the door. Is it that simple? No! You have to get the key, know the fact that you can't jump and reset the level sometimes. (5% chance that you will do it.) Also, there is a level editor. It can be a bit hard to use. Automatic Indenter 2.0 By: 12Me21, Public Key: 5KN423LJ Sometimes you might forget to indent your program. What now? Go back to the source code and add the spaces? That would take a long time! Worry no more! Just load the indenter and your program and you will have a bit cleaned code after sometime! This worked perfectly for me! BerryBlaster By: RealTiP, Public Key: RKCQX3L4 Did you know that there are about 500 strawberry sprite definitions in SB by default? Well, now you know! This could be the inspiration for this game! (or not.) But seriously, this game is a great time waster if you have too much time in your hands! Oh My Eyes!! 3D By: ChangeV, Public Key: RKDA41D Oh My Eyes!! 3D is a remake of the older version that was released on Petit Computer. What you have to do? Guard the chest from the enemies! While protecting the treasure, try to get more money! This game can be hard (at least for me), but it still is a great game! Slime Vs Ninja By: ChangeV, Public Key: B3NQK3RJ The story goes like this... One night, a ninja stole the slime village's treasure. The next day, the slime king decided to get the treasure back! Shoot ninjas, ninja bats(?), and ninja animals with fireballs because why not! Because I'm not good at shmups, I really can't get past the second stage. Dungeon By: zodomere, Public Key: CKV3S38J Do you like dungeon games? Do you like games that seem to get impossible after getting to the next half of the game? If yes, then this is the game for you! This is a really simple game where you have to defeat every enemy each floor to progress. Use different weapons and armor to make things easier, too! Chicken Puncher By: UltraPhoenix4, Public Key: REE4NNQV It's a game in a game! It's a grassy area! It's... It's Chicken Puncher! Don't you ever feel like punching a chicken, but you don't want to hurt a real one? Then this game is for you! Get achievements as you punch the chickens away! That was the first showcase. Thank you for reading!

My favorite game is probably Dungeon because I love rougue-likes and it reminds me of Nuclear Throne, I just wished they added New Classes and lowerd the item spawn rate. I get so many potions the game becomes very little effort to play just watch your HP and pop a potion when your low. Dungeon reminds me of one of my favorite games on Petit Computer, a game made by someone by the name GSGames, it was called Tales From the Labyrinth. It was a rougue-like just like this one but way more hardcore! It makes me wonder, what happened to him? He just disappeared and was never heard from again. I would love a SmileBasic Remake of that game.

:O My polygon thing! ...Yeah, pretty much just a test for rotations. I wanted to make sure I understood them before trying to use them. Then I just decided to upload it ^_^

Nice. Keep 'em up.

Cool idea! Great job, I'm going to enjoy reading this thread every week.

Great showcase! Looking forward to your next round! For Slime VS Ninja, you should search for P1_HP=9 and change 9 to a higher number like 99 to have more lives. Not being able to go pass a level to write a complete review sucks. Oh no I don't mean your review sucks! I mean not being able to enjoy the full story is a sucky feeling. I will try the automatic indenter and chicken punch later. They look useful and tasty.

ARCHIVE: CREATE: More awesome things are gonna happen.

EEEEEE! I got in!

Awesome reviews, keep it up!

Before Sunday comes, I should tell you the types of programs that can't be in the showcase.
  • Programs that doesn't have the main gimmick implemented yet. (example. the animatronics in FNAFSB)
  • Programs that just seem a bit pointless. (example. the parental controls exploit thing)
  • (More to be added)
I do not mean that these programs are bad. They might get in after the problem is fixed. I apologize if I made someone sad.

I hope I finish my secret project by then...

I like Slime vs Ninja but it's one rough game. Very hard but a great idea and high quality

I'm nearly done writing this week's showcase! However, there will be no screenshots because my method of taking screenshots doesn't work on 10.4. They will come ASAP!