Yet another Tetris clone

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So far, there isn't very much to report right now... I only JUST got the graphics working, but I've yet to get started on any logic for the game right now. However, I'm currently working on the actual code right now. One thing I definitely need to get working is a 7-bag system, which will represent the 7 tetriminos that are drawn from the "bag". If anyone knows how to code this in, that would be fantastic. (This is for SmileBASIC for 3DS, by the way. The project will be ported over to SmileBASIC 4 in the future)

Disregard; 7-bag system has been implemented. And the code I added is as follows: N%=7 DIM A%[N%] FOR I%=0 TO N%-1 A%[I%]=I% NEXT FOR I%=N%-1 TO 0 STEP -1 SWAP A%[I%],A%[RND(I%+1)] NEXT

If you plan to have piece preview(s), you may want two bags for when the first one is running low.

Probably a good idea; there's only going to be one piece preview displayed at a time (but that may change in a future update). For now, I'm just figuring out how to get the actual piece generation working (I'm not 100% sure if I should use sprite tiles or just text characters for the pieces, considering the fact that I'm going to be pretty much making a near 1:1 copy of the now-defunct Tetris Friends portal on SB3).