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So I’ve decided to redo absolutely everything on the 3DS and then port it to the Switch. This was my first time writing something as big as this with a decent level of knowledge, and now that I’ve done it I know what needs to be improved. For example, weapons are a pain to make, so I can probably make a better working system for that. Instead of including 17 DEF statements that include different parts of item data, I can have one text file with the weapon data in it. The Switch port is obviously still coming and is a priority, but I want everything to work well before I port it. The Switch port has made some good progress, but for now that doesn’t matter. And it’s not like porting to the Switch is super painful; they’re almost the same language. The current Switch version (not including all the time it took to figure out the BG) took at the absolute most 8 hours to port. And even including all of that time the BG consumed, I now know how it works and how to fix it, and will therefore be able to do it in probably 10 minutes max. EDIT: Perfect timing for the page turn lol. It’s like I’ve turned to a new page in development.

So it’s been eight months since I last posted on this thread. Here’s the basics of what’s happening. So I haven’t been working on this much lately. I work on it from time to time, but I’m not very consistent due to other things in my life like school. But it’s slowly moving forward. I’ll try to set a time I can do it pretty much every day, to be more consistent. My vision for this project has changed quite a bit since I started. The basics are still the same: something like Terraria or Minecraft. But there are gonna be a lot of things that make this distinct. A lot of development will be spent on the engine that this will be made of. This idea started off as “modding capabilities” and eventually grew because that gives people who want to try modding the same abilities as I get. I’m also planning on a lot of cool content, like different game modes and realms. If you have any suggestions, feel free to suggest them. They may or may not make it into the game.