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It's Village! You know, village (lol)? It's another game dug up from the grave of ancient petit computer times: https://petitcomputer.fandom.com/wiki/Village I honestly have NO idea if the version I have here is the latest version, but I guess we'll see! Maybe!


  • Randomly generated villages
  • Walking/running (hold B to run)
  • Pick up flowers/pull weeds (Y)
  • Pick fruit (A)
  • Use tools (A when tool is selected)
  • Place decorative objects (A when object is selected)
  • Plant trees (A when facing hole and holding fruit/seeds)
  • Buy and sell items in the shop
  • Play games with NPCs
  • Change your character's color
  • Time "passes" per day, so trees and weeds will grow while flowers will wilt. Trees take 4 days to fully grow, and 2 days to regrow fruit/seeds.
  • Day/night cycle
  • Uses a single save file (as a GRP)
  • Go fishing
  • Catch bugs
  • Dig up ores
  • Water flowers
  • Build bridges
  • Store extra items at your house
  • Store extra money at your house
  • Browse a catalog of decorative items
  • Keep a journal showing the stuff you've found.
  • Take GRP screenshots with L+R (together)
  • Place pathways to make your village look fancy
  • Use the Hammer to reclaim decorative objects, use the Axe to chop down trees, and use the Shovel to dig holes and retrieve certain items from the ground that normally cannot (like weeds and stumps). Use the fishing pole to catch the fish you see in the river. Use the net to catch bugs. Use the watering can to bring back wilted flowers.
  • Press Start to save, otherwise your progress will be lost

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