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This forum is for posting Questions, Bug Reports and just to chat about the beta of a New R-OS R-OS Super Saturn X! Beta 1A Key: NK83Z3GD Also See: Windows 3DS Development/Bug Reports Forum

R-OS Super Saturn X is now in Open Beta!

What's different about R-OS SSX vs. R-OS Saturn? And how does it stand out from other OS's submitted to the site?


Hey, RGames. There's some documemtary wrong in here: When you describe the MOUSEHIT() function... X & Y aren't "Graphic values", these are "Coordinate values" instead, the term "Graphic" can have lots of different meanings. Like a file containing graphics or a binary collection of bits forming one/more graphic(s). Оно это хорошо/неплохо. Das meine ich nur so. ^^

Honestly, if you want SSX to be a real successor, you’re gonna need to slim things down. Full GRPs take up a disgusting amount of space and you can really just store the part of the default set that you’ve modified into a DAT file and load it later. If you really want to use a fancy font, consider storing only the part that you changed and load it back, saving you tons of space. It’s always irritating sitting through a long download knowing that the bloated size is because of all of the unused space on GRPs that only have a few changes made to them. Each GRP is over 500 KB, which means the font and the icons make 1 MB alone. Or even better, try to stuff everything in one file. It makes it much easier to move around, which should be one of the main points of this update - portability and utility. Not to mention, it makes it harder for me to “copy” it. ;) Right. Utility. People don’t just look at an OS for fun. They’ll get bored in less than five minutes. They want real utility. Not just a couple of janky tools, but a suite of practical applications that someone would want to use regularly. Even games like tetris or minesweeper can go a long way. The editor? If you can’t make one a lot that’s better than the current one, scrap it. Nobody is going to use it if it’s worse than the default editor. Next, you need something to truly set it apart. Music? Who cares about the default BGMs? Make an MP3 codec and people will actually be interested. Or something equally groundbreaking. But make it yourself if you want everyone to respect you. Add things that no other OS or program has and you’ll have more people interested. The harsh reality is, nobody is going to care if you don’t bring anything unique to the table. So if you do come up with something great, people will develop interest enough to at least download it. Okay. Let’s talk about annoyances. The last thing you’d want in your SmileBASIC OS is a fake loading screen, but as it turns out, that might be what you gaet. Saturn’s startup and especially user setup is too slow. Fake loading screens are just a gimmick that nobody ever asked for, and it just slows everything down and irritates the user, which is a great way to ensure that people never use your program again. No, there was no hard disk drive to partition, and you just made me wait through two minutes of white text displaying percentages on a black background. But wait no - that’s not all, because now I have to set up a user even though it does nothing but force you to enter a password at every startup, which slows down the entire experience. The 3DS was designed for only one user, and mosh people use it as such, and is therefore another irritating gimmick that only serves to bog down the whole experience. And I’m not too keen on the ten seconds spent staring at some choppy bar on a gray background with some logo every time. If you’re going to keep those, at least make them 5x faster. Use your loading screens for actual heavy amounts of loading, the way that nature intended. Anyway, I don’t know why I started ranting but there you go I guess. Part of me hopes you take this seriously or even read it, but I kinda doubt it. But yeah have fun trying to report a copy of your OS that you actually stole most of from andritolion or something.

I can help you with at least one GRP resource. The FONTS.FNT one. Replace it with a few FONTDEF commands. This will chop about 500KB off on the fly. Use Hosiken's Font Editor, choose the color option, draw the character, and replace in PRG3, DATA with FONTDEF. The format will be valid and works fine.

Thank you.

BTW h267, How do you put part of a GRP file into a DAT file?

BTW h267, How do you put part of a GRP file into a DAT file?
GRP files are just DAT files with different icons.

I meant just a part of it. You know... Coping SPDEF 1432 into a SP File then when the PRG wants SPDEF 1432, it loads the DAT file into where the Default SPDEF 1432 is. Do you just use GSAVE, GLOAD and GPAGE to do it?

Never mind. I already figured it out.

Honestly, you should combine as many GRP graphics as you can into one sheet, as it's wasting a ton of space. You have three separate sheets that barely use much of the graphics sheet at all. You could potentially bring that size down threefold by copying all of the graphics onto one sheet. It'll give you more space for other things and dramatically shorten the download time. That's the difference between 38% of the size limit and 13%. Sure, it may be inconvenient to reposition everything and reassign sprite locations, but the alternative is much more disgusting.

I decided to put a sprite into a DAT file by using BGSAVE and loading it when its needed using BGLOAD.

Yeah, but more practically, you could cram into your graphics into one sheet, saving you up to a megabyte of space. Take the latest version of R-OS Saturn Bee that came out an hour ago, and you’ll see what I mean. Most of my GRPs are packed. Also, can we just make my R-OS the official R-OS? I think I’ve proven myself at this point.


Hmm? But R-OS SatB has way more features. And all modifications I made were not from stolen code. I didn’t just plop someone’s application and libraries into mine, I created all new code from the ground up. And unlike vanilla R-OS, mine actually has something unique about it that no other OS on the platform has done before, to my knowledge. And the votes do not lie. R-OS SatB has more votes than any other R-OS Version has combined. By creating something unique and enjoyable, I’ve turned a rather mundane and old experience into a new one. R-OS vanilla is just a bunch of copied code with some edits to make it look new and function properly, with those staple Mock-OS tropes such as fake loading screens and trying to be flashy instead of useful.

Anyway, can R-OS Super Saturn X come out sooner? I need to do a series reboot.

Its still in development, You did not say that about Windows 3DS so why R-OS SSX

What do you mean? Can you rephrase that question?