Perska's Deluxe Grab Bag

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Version:1.0.0Size:3.53 MB
Perska has made a lot of games! A lot! So here is a Deluxe Grab Bag full of 7 games! These games have additional challenges added to them, too! Complete all seven challenges for a SPECIAL ending! This Deluxe Grab Bag features the following:
  • Shoeglue
  • Cat Jump
  • Super Adventure
  • The Evil Skeleton Overlord Battle Simulator 2017
  • Robot Walkthru
  • Explore Man
  • Pasta Simulator 2018
Are you up to the task of completing the challenges of the Deluxe Grab Bag?


Run UNPACK to extract some compressed files, and then run .LAUNCH to use the launcher. Use the D-Pad to pick a game and A to confirm your choice. It's recommended that you use the .LAUNCH program, or else you won't be able to save your completion.


Make sure you're not running an ancient version of SmileBASIC, or else some things might not work.

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