Need amiibo serial numbers please help

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Hey, bad news, you'd need to change the Amiibo codes by region, but you can't change it by region as the region detection no longer works (due to Smilebasic changing their logo to be the same for some reason).
nope thatโ€™s wrong the amiibo code for EU and US is the same here is a refresh on wat a AMIIBO CODE is.
It's the first 4 Letters in the serial number of the amiibo like: 245000AFAAS1 = serial number But AFAA is the amiibo code.
the AFAA will be the same in every region.

After doing some research, I was able to find lists of amiibo codes here and here (EDIT: here's a better one). If you still can't find every code, you might have to click on each individual amiibo at Nintendo's CPSIA Certificaties of Compliance...

Thanks again Sam!!

I just hope if all amiibo functionality is implemented in my game that nobody finds this forum other wise EVERYONE WOULD HAVE EVERY CODE

And that's still probably gonna happen but o welp that.takes the fun out of it for them so it's there own fault I ques

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