Lunar Saviors (trans)

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(4th Ogiri Hakase’s Award Winner) Inspired by the Japanese bullet hell shooter series Touhou Project, this game is the epitome of the shmup genre available on SmileBasic, featuring an attractive and touching backstory while urging you to dodge, graze, and fight against the numerous breathtaking (literally!) bullet patterns.


*Runs optimally on a New 3DS. Still playable on an original 3DS or 2DS albeit slightly laggy. *A stream of shots is automatically fired even if nothing is pressed. Weak in power. *Press A repeatedly for powerful shots. *Hold A for a charged shot. *Press L or R to slow time and recover from damage with a cost of your score. Press L+R for faster recovery but with higher score penalty. *"Grazing" enemy attacks and obstacles will shorten charge time.


Rwiiug is the original creator while LohadL is the English translator.

Come on guys, you need to try this.

Ive played it but mostly only for the music ^~^

This is well polished. Love the concept.

The creator said he spent 250+ hours on this. And that really shows. Beautiful story too :)

Oy, if you like this program, you should definitely press that + button! If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for???

In English! Yay!

This is amazing!

Won "Hakase's Award" in the 4th Ogiri contest: http://smilebasic.com/en/ogiri4/
Even when an incredible amount of bullets appear on screen, there isn’t a single bit of slowdown! This really proves the potential that SmileBASIC offers, and that the programmer knows how to make full use of it. The support for both Japanese and English is also a nice touch. It’s a shame all the bosses just use a charge shot, though.

Can you save?

This game gets pretty difficult, but it is really fun nonetheless. Its a huge game I am blown away by how much code this game has, this Rwiiug guy is a genius

This is very good.