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Lowerdash Fire Demo

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This is a demo built using Lowerdash. This uses the same modules as the ball demo but with a particle emitter subclass. The download is also compiled/concatenated!


You can check out MAIN in the editor to see the code that compiled the "DIST" file! The particle emitter is a special case where the "NO DELETE" clause on Lowerdash right now might lead to a memory leak. So how do you write an efficient particle emitter?

Object Pools!

An object pool is a module with a private pool of usable objects.
MODULE Emitter
PROTO PhysBody

VAR particles$[maxParticles%]
FOR I=0 TO maxParticles%
Now every instance of Emitter has access to maxParticles% number of particles. The emitter could use all the particles, calling a draw method like a stamp. Or the emitter could SHIFT or POP particles from this array while its using them, and UNSHIFT or PUSH them back when its done.


LOWERDASH 0.4 BETA IS OUT! This program still uses 0.2

Dang, all this really impressive stuff! I hope people see this and learn how to use it! Thank you for all the examples!