LOADV bug?

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I didn’t see his documented anywhere so I’ll post it here. In SB4 the LOADV command is supposed to work in two ways- return the contents of a file to a variable or load directly into an array. However, anytime I try to load content into an array I get a “type mismatch” error. So, example.
'Does not work:
DIM L0[0]

'Does work:
DIM L0[0]
From my understanding, both should work. Is this a case of bad documentation on the function, the function doesn’t work, or am I wrong in its usage?

I think the array needs to be 2D (or maybe 3D of you plug in x and y as separate dimensions) for SB4 map data, because of color data. Maybe try that. EDIT: uhh now I suddenly want to make a thing that can ignore color to save memory lol. I’ll probably be the only one who uses it lol