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Lemon Bomber

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Plant bombs, break boxes, collect power ups, and explode anyone you meet. Mind you don't blow yourself up in the process. Originally coded in one weekend as a portable Melonbomber for a friend, Lemon Bomber has since spun off with plenty of unique features to keep your party fresh and citrusy.


Supports 2 to 4 players. (Currently there is no single player content) Left Stick: Move A/B/X/Y: Plant Bomb L/ZL/SL: Lay Bomb Trail R/ZL/SR: Detonate Remote Bombs


Cool Features:
    70+ uniquely animated characters!
  • Dynamic music which responds to the action
  • HD Rumble based on proximity/power of explosions
  • Dozens of available variations on the rules
  • All new, rich, crunchy sound effects

"Download and C4 yourself" I C what you did there.

Replying to:Nathaniel
"Download and C4 yourself" I C what you did there.
In my experience, that's exactly how 75% of the rounds end. Players C4 themselves, spectacularly

v1.0.1 Patch Notes
  • New Mutation: Extra Gems
    • Loose power-ups will spawn
  • New Mutation: Tiny Map
  • New Mutation: Tiny & Gems
  • Added 10 New characters
  • Eyes glow after collecting a powerup
  • Characters glow during relevant mutations
  • Randomized spawn locations
  • Map is smaller if there are only 2 players in total
  • Adjusted power-up drop rates
  • Adjusted mutation likelihood
    • The first round will have no mutations
  • Improved audio mix
  • Optimized algorithms

Replying to:Nathaniel
"Download and C4 yourself" I C what you did there.
**lol sparky the necroposter** I think they thought you were making a clever pun on "Download and see for yourself [what the program is about]", with the pun being C4/see for. I think they didn't know that line literally just meant bomb yourself because most people do lol

why tf is everything you make so freaking amazing Are you the true god of smilebasic? .....hylian!?

Replying to:Nathaniel
"Download and C4 yourself" I C what you did there.
It meant both things haha

"Download it and C4 yourself." I got the pun.

Sorry, I forgot to post here - 1.0.2 has been out for a few months now. I lost the full patch notes, but it's mostly minor bug fixes, new characters, and the shiny new title screen graphics now actually looks as advertised above.